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Genting Highland Trip – Food

I have been to Genting for quite a number of times and people may feel it is boring up there but I always wanted to go back because of the perfect weather. This time round, I got a free room thanks to Resort World and was able to escape the heat in Singapore. It is one of my way to escape the warm weather in Singapore. See other ways.

Genting Highlands Resort

Birthday Celebration 123 Final

Ding Tai Feng MBS

Din Tai Fung MBS

This is a super delayed post but the third round of celebration was a simple lunch with my family at MBS Din Tai Fung. Find the previous two celebrations Part 1 and Part 2.

Don’t know if I am lucky or what, MBS was having its IT Show 2013 and obviously, the place was filled with people and restaurants are full housed even though we arrive after lunch hour. I chose Din Tai Fung cause believe it or not, I have not visited them since they landed in Singapore. People are telling me it is not worth the visit if you have tried the one in Taiwan. I have not visited the one in Taiwan too so there was nothing for me to start off with. But do you guys know that Din Tai Fung is One Michelin starred and ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times so how can I not have it.

Birthday Celebration 123 Part Two

birdpark ticket

Birthday Celebration 123 Part One

Kazu Sumiyaki RestuarantKazu Sumiyaki Restuarant

A Happy Happy Birthday

Ocean Spoon Restaurant


Eating Through Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Its past Chinese New Year and how many kilos have you gained? Look at how I spend and you will know my answer….

30th CNY Eve

This is what I eat on the eve of CNY. The seafood and “ho liao” are all at another table. Suckling pig is the highlight.

cny eve table of food


5 Must Eat in Macau

Macau top 5 food

Long Beach Demsey Hill Dinner


Bar and Billiard Room Christmas Dinner 2012

front door

Guide to Explore the Kranji Heritage Farms in Singapore