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Getting Nearer to Paradise – Boracay


Can you imagine how I feel and how bad I wanted to go back again after seeing the above picture?

An overdue post again. My trip to Boracay in The Philippines was in March 2014 in the name of celebrating me and J’s birthday. It was also around the best season to visit the place. If you are to visit at other time you may experience algae in the water causing water not as clear as what you are seeing above.

We travelled via Tigerair to Kalibo airport and from there we need to take another transport either via bus or van which will take about 1.5hrs drive. Seconds after you are out of the airport, you will be able to find people promoting to you to take their transport. The van are filled up more easily as compared to bus since we just need around 12 person to set off. It cost around 250 peso which include the fee for the next transport, a 10mins boat ride to the island just like how we get to Sentosa from Singapore. Take note that you will still need to pay for the environment upkeep fee  (php25) and terminal fee (php100). In case you wanna know, Boat fee is php 25. The next question you want to ask is

Why we choose this way to get to Boracay?

The obvious reason is because we are able to take a cheaper flight at promotional price from Tigerair! Caticlan is obviously nearer and don’t need so many transfer but I read somewhere when doing my research that Caticlan airport is a smaller one and it may not be that safe during bad weather.

After much time spent on the road, we finally reached the Island – Boracay! The landing pier wasn’t that nice as it is actually the other side of the island. Get a tutu (I think that’s what it was called) and show them the map of where you will be staying, whether it is at Beach 1, 2 or 3 to give them a better idea. Basically, It will be around sunset once you reach there if you are travelling via my way.


Like a Tutu where you can sit a passenger beside the driver and maybe 2-4 person at the back. You don’t really need any transport if you are staying near the beach. We hardly did.

And let me show you what I see the next morning when I am getting my breakfast.


White Beach!


White Beach!!

We joke about the sand as soft and tiny like milo powder. Very very smooth sand that don’t stick on you, not like when I am at East Coast. The seawater too was not sticky at all. I thought it means unpolluted water I am getting. Sea level was like only knee level even when you are 3-4 metres away from shore.

We spent almost the whole day soaked in the water, swimming from Beach 2 to Beach 1 and then to Beach 3 from Beach 1. Times really fly and we were unaware of how much sun we actually get all this while. Turned really dark when I returned to the Hotel and checked myself over the mirror. I remember i shout out a loud cry when i saw myself that black. Haha.

More clear water pic:




and more….


more more more.

Then it was sunset in no time.


You can see the sail boat coming nearer to the shore preparing to welcome customer who want to enjoy a ride out to sea to get a closer and nearer view to the sunset.

20140310_170532 20140311_174630

We booked our rides in the afternoon when we met a sales person by the beach selling all those sea activities. As we are poor after booking previously in the morning for our next day trip, we slashed half the price of what the person offered as a way to reject him. But in the end, he actually agreed to it. Definitely a bargain! Then we realized there is a need to bargain starting from as low as half the price. We actually did some activity at a higher price than what I check online. Always become carrot head.  So please remember this tactic.


Out in the sea! Really relaxing


Day 3, we explored further towards the end of Beach 1. There is a special apartment called Spider House where the whole place was built with bamboo on a big rock. It is really right at the end of Boracay. We did SOME walk and sweat like as though it was sea water on our body. Visitors to Spider House need to go through a dark cave entrance before reaching. We decided to have our forgotten lunch there since it was like 2pm already.


Situated at a corner we were able to overlook Boracay from afar. In the middle was a floating platform where people can just jump down from the cafe and swim over for a tanned or have a jumping into the sea match. Believe me, I can spend my whole day here if I am visiting the island longer and have extra time. And seldom am I able to do nothing and just stare away, I always need some activities to fill the time. Me and J love the place and make it a point to recommend to everyone who would like to hear our trip.


We shared this amazing pasta with a tint bit of spiciness that keep our mouth watering and wanting for more. The noodle taste and look like Mee Pok seriously but it was super nice in its own way. The bread that comes with it was a good match soaking up the remaining sauce.


The Calamari dish was a perfect thing for some comfort food at the moment. More of a thicker coating but crispy at the same time. Every cut was a big one.


And we had some time cam whoring.

After the late lunch, we did something funny. We decided a new way to leave the cafe. Swim out. HAHA! We jumped into the sea straight from the cafe deck and swim all the way back. One thing good about Boracay is the water level are always below my neck level. No chance of drowning. You can even walk if you are tired from swimming or even crawl. We thought we did something funny.


And we did it again. Selfie while we have the nicest shake on Boracay at Jonah’s. We have that everyday since it was really near to where we stay. So blessed

We also went on to do our activities.

There was this 3D museum. Free of charge which come along with my other activities. We posed for alot of picture and below was one of the more funny one (self-assumed).


Toilet posing.

Next up was ATV


Time for ATV. Prior to this, I don’t know how to drive and that was my first time playing ATV. Was scary at the start trying to get use to the control. After some trial, our guide took us up to the top of the island driving along roads with lesser traffic. Of course it was each person to 1 car. If you are not that confident, you may want to take the two seater side by side one which doesn’t seem really fun and it cost the same if I remember correctly. So, believe in yourself and ride it.


Then, we reached the top of the island after like a less than 20mins ride. At the highest point on the island, you will be able to have a birdview of the beach.


This picture really wasn’t in our plan. The very nice guide offered to help us take pictures. He directed us with different poses and at the correct spot and at different angle. Very professional indeed.

There was other water activities we did but wasn’t able to take any photo since our camera was not waterproof plus we don’t think we have the time to take care of our things when playing. Just to share if you wanna know what we did in total.

1) Helmet Diving

This was the most look forward activities since both of us have never dive before and the Helmet Diving actually makes you wear a 20kg helmet to prevent water from enter and allowing you to breathe normally when under water. We were briefed before entering into the water. The package also include the staff to take pictures and video of us in the water walking and feeding fish. At the end of the day we will be given a CD with the pictures and video inside. Beside this, it was not really fun actually but a really nice experience. When we were wondering how they pass us the CD the next day when they don’t have our records, the guide we signed up with turned up at our hotel the next morning and pass it to us. Seriously curious how they do it.

2) Paraw Sailing (Sunset)

Did this during sunset for around 15mins. Really good. Definitely worth doing it everyday if you are there.

3) ATV with extra given like adventure rides, 3D museum, animal photo taking.

An experience good for people who would like to experience a ATV. Not good for people who did it before. Too fast.

And the most suitable activities to do is:

Soak yourself in the sea. REALLY!

Last day:

Our last day we were informed that there may be typhoon approaching. Thankfully we are at the end of our trip. The peaceful sea with typhoon approaching. The sea not as clear as when we arrive but equally stunning as it makes one really peaceful at heart.