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6 Must Do in Chiang Mai


I came up with a list of must do based on my personal experience in Chiang Mai over the short trip I had last week. If you are like me who wants to experience Chiang Mai in the shortest of time you have, then follow my list and you will not regret.

1. Visit to Doi Suthep Temple


The top on the list and possibly the one which everyone will agree with me – Visit to Doi Suthep. It is just like you need to visit Ruins of St Paul’s in Macau. It is the same as Doi Suthep. From the massager who questioned if I visited it to the Tuk tuk/Songthaew Driver stopping infront of me to ask if I want to head to Doi Suthep. Everyone is recommending the place. There are actually a number of things you can do on Doi Suthep but the most popular attraction would be the Wat Phra That located above Doi Suthep. As times goes by, people just call it Doi Suthep Temple.

Beside the beautiful golden temple, visitors can overlook the whole of Chiang Mai at the back of the temple. The blue sky, the white clouds made a few Chinese besides me exclaimed in Mandarin, praising the scenery presented in front of them.20131124_114334

You need to climb these stairs to get to the top where the temple is.


Inside the temple


One of the best scenery at a temple

2. Eat Khao Soi


Khao Soi is a dish found in the Northern Thailand area. I had never eaten this dish before visiting Chiang Mai but I personally feels it tasted like Singapore Mee Pok in light curry soup. What makes the bite delightful is the mixture of crispy noodle and the normal noodles giving it an additional texture. The soup varies from different stall, some are spicier, some taste more sweet. I like mine spicier and it is definitely shiok. Recommending the stall opposite the main gate of Chiang Mai University. It a must visit. Another excellent dish we had at this particular store was their roasted meat. It was super super ultimately crispy and tasty. Overall, Chiang Mai knows how to cook their pork excellently.


3. Visit the Night Markets

Nobody goes home without visiting Chiang Mai’s night market. It is hard not to bang into one too since the night market is one of the biggest I have seen. There are a few night markets that you can visit. The must go ones are definitely the Saturday night market and the Sunday night market. Both are quite similar but they are at different location. The Saturday Night Market is situated at Warorok Market and the Sunday night market stretch from the Thapae Gate all the way down into the city. Get your souvenir there without having to bargain cost it is at a really affordable price already.Get your massage there. You will be surprise that I got a better and skilled massage experience along these night markets. Last but not least, have your dinner there as well.


My souvenir. You can add a name sew onto it. Kawaii~~ Max


Trying street massage at the night market


Randomly appeared in the middle of the night market’s road are these artist who can draw excellent art pieces.

4. Join a Day Tour


There are alot of Day Tour available in Chiang Mai. From exploring the nature through trekking, kayaking to visiting elephant camps and traditional villages, there is definitely one that cater to you. What I chose was to go Kayaking along Mae Ping River. It was definitely not what I had imagine to be smooth and peaceful and slow where you can absorb the scenery around you. The whole trip was very challenging with all the river current, hanging branches, dead logs and stone to avoid. It takes some Kayaking skills before you can conquer them. A noob like me can do it so can anyone. You will get trained by the guides at the start of the river. They make sure you have a really wonderful journey. The whole trip takes 4hrs and it was truely unforgettable. Something to note is that you are bounds to get scratches here and there as there are tree brunches around.  Visit ChiangMai Kayaking to get more information


My mates for the kayaking tour


Scenic ending point


Ending point. Challenging bamboo landing point.

5. Sit in a Cafe

It may be hard to imagine but there are alot of cafes in Chiang Mai spread over Chiang Mai. They are mainly opened by foreigners who decided to stay in Chiang Mai permanently or trendy locals. Most of these cafe are concentrated along Nimmanhaemin Rd. Try to walk around there and you will bang into one easily.


6. Eat MooKata (Thai Steamboat) Buffet with 1000 people in the Open Space.


For a price of 209 Baht (est SGD$10) you get to eat all you can with 1000 people in the open area here. The atmosphere is enough to get the price back. Look what they have to offer.

20131123_202007 20131123_181705

Big prawn for 2 serving.


Cook them here. Yum yum


Sauces also come in so big container


Free drinks, Coke lover will faint


Whole station of Vegetable


Whole station of cooked spicy and sour food


And whole station of fried stuff


Annnnnd whole station of raw meat


Our little pot


Thousand of people .

4D3N Chiang Mai 2013 – Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House


Introducing the place where I stayed throughout the entire trip in Chiang Mai – Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House

This place was not our first choice but because the trip was confirmed quite late and it was the peak season in Chiang Mai, most of the good hotel has been snatched up before we made our decision. But Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House is definitely not bad as well. They have quite a high score on as well.

4D3N Chiang Mai Trip 2013 Itinerary

I was just back from Chiang Mai 2 days ago. There was actually no plan to Chiang Mai this year but I won some air tickets unexpectedly and here I go to Chiang Mai within a short 2 weeks notice. Before I go, there was the usual stuff like researching online on where to go and familiarizing with the map and planning my itinerary. Take a look at my itinerary and feel free to follow suit.

Chiang Mai Itinerary


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