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Another new blogshop to add to your shopping list has arrived!

There is a new blogshop in town! Lamb Label is a new blogshop that targets on young corporate  adults that just entered the work force. Went into the website and the first thing that customer will feel is the minimalist layout that make it so easy to browse and also enable customers to focus more on the clothes.

I personally picked a few clothes that I like and I am sharing it here.

Before-Sunrise-Breakfast-Dress White

 Picked the Before Sunrise Breakfast Dress in white which look really elegant. On closer look, there are small flowery design rounding the sleeves and collar. Pair it with a bright belt and we are ready to go.

Teacup Dress yellow

The Teacup Skater Dress in yellow is another piece that I like. A really simple piece but after I got my hand on it, the material was really soft to touch. Softer than my towel and I may mistook them for my towel if I never look closely.

Kaleidoscope Dress


Third item, Kaleidoscope Shift Dress. Immediately wear it to work the next day I got it. I like how the neon pink and blue match the white dress. It would go really well with a neon necklace if you have one.


Can you see how detailed the dress is? How can someone miss a dress so beautiful.

I hope you like what I shared  and there are other new arrival available at Lamb Label. Check them out. For my readers, you get a 10% off when you quote ”lyan10″ at checkout. Enjoy shopping!!