Birthday Celebration 123 Final

Ding Tai Feng MBS

Din Tai Fung MBS

This is a super delayed post but the third round of celebration was a simple lunch with my family at MBS Din Tai Fung. Find the previous two celebrations Part 1 and Part 2.

Don’t know if I am lucky or what, MBS was having its IT Show 2013 and obviously, the place was filled with people and restaurants are full housed even though we arrive after lunch hour. I chose Din Tai Fung cause believe it or not, I have not visited them since they landed in Singapore. People are telling me it is not worth the visit if you have tried the one in Taiwan. I have not visited the one in Taiwan too so there was nothing for me to start off with. But do you guys know that Din Tai Fung is One Michelin starred and ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times so how can I not have it.

I waited for 30mins before we were ushered in. The famished me quickly ordered. The restaurant implemented something which I would encourage other restaurant to follow. It is this bag holder that the restaurant provide for the ladies to put their bags in so that we can sit in our seats more comfortably. I already like the idea and should give it a thumb up. Good job DTF!

bag holder


We were seated just beside the staff resting area and we feel it was a bit noisy. Shortly each dish started coming up first with the noodles first.

Zha Jiang Mian

My mum ordered this Zha Jiang Mian the moment she saw it and insisted like a child that she wants this. The sauce is the important part of the dish and the one served was just right. Not too salty like what I always ended having.

Wanton Soup Noodles

Wanton Soup Noodles

Another noodle dish ordered by my dad. Not sure why he ordered but the soup was light and each wanton (my favorite type) has two prawn in it. Not really a must have.


Due to the unclear menu, I ordered this separately with the Fried Rice. I thought it would be something different. It wasn’t highlighted by the waiter too. But the ribs is truly fantastic and meat was easily separated when bite. This is the fastest gone dish.


Vege with sliced meat. This was just right and something green out of the meaty meal.

Prawn Fried Rice

The Prawn Fried Rice seem like a must order as I see it on other tables as well. Remember to learn from my mistake and order the meat together. There is no different though the wordings are different on the menu. Fried rice are hard to miss.

siew mai

I forgot what this is called but seem like it is Siew Mai. Don’t why there is a different look. Seriously don’t need to order this if your Xiao Long Bao is coming up!~

Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao

Here comes the famous Xiao Long Bao. Personally not a fan of Xiao Long Bao and definitely can’t understand where is the craze. I prefer Guo Tie (Pan fried dumplings) to this. But how can a visit to Din Tai Fung be without their famous dish. I would say the skin are not thick and the juice runs out of the buns when bite.

Crispy Prawns in Creamy Dressing with Plump Lychees & Juicy Peaches

Crispy Prawns in Creamy Dressing with Plump Lychees & Juicy Peaches

I like this! A combination of Lychees and Peaches. Prawn have a nice bite to it. The dish is not sweet if you thought it would be.

Cold chicken

This dish of cold chicken is supposed to be an appetizer according to its menu so I don’t understand why it is serve last before the dessert. I thought we are adventurous but I don’t think I will want to eat chicken in cold temperature anymore. The chicken is marinated with wine and I do taste a bit of wine but not strong enough.

mango pudding

Mango Pudding specially ordered for my mum since she never got her dessert the last time we went to East Ocean for dim sum. I got to taste it too! Make a nice ending to the meal.

After the meal, we are off to join in the crowd for some IT deals.





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