Birthday Celebration 123 Part One

Kazu Sumiyaki RestuarantKazu Sumiyaki Restuarant

Thank you all for the wonderful 3 days celebrations. It is always this time of the year that I feel so loved by the people around me so obviously. It all started from the pre-birthday night dinner with my beloved friends followed by visit to the bird park on the actual day and then the next day with my family. So many things going on! It seems like this will be a long post.

The Pre-Birthday Dinner @ Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

My two dear friends, Noelle and Jan booked the famous yakitori (aka Japanese style skewered food) restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Cuppage Plaza. The whole building is almost usually soulless at one glance but never would I know all the people have packed the restaurant. I was later told by my friend that it is a must to make a reservation before arrival if not be prepared to wait. We were given two timing – 6.30pm or 8.30pm, as all other slots are filled. Rumored by Noelle that we are only allowed to eat for 2 hours a table. So bossy restaurant even if it is for my birthday.

The place was not big and we were immediately seated at a corner and the next moment, a bowl of cabbage and special sauce was allocate to us. We weren’t aware what to order so our first round was more of like testing.

galic rice

The garlic rice was the first to be serve. A small portion which we wanted to share. Seem like a popular item on the menu. Wasn’t able to fill my stomach.

Pork Meat Ball, Tontoro Ringo

The Pork Meat Ball was the most juicy I have ate in my life, I love it. Just a simple meatball can taste so good. Normally if you imagine meatball being BBQ for awhile, it should be dry but not this one. We were told that the different between the chicken and pork meat is that the pork has soft bone together with the meat which add a texture to the bite. We ordered another one. Tontoro Ringo (Pork Cheek with apple slice) was quite uncommon and it was really a good pairing but chewy meat wasn’t my kind though it was good.


This dish is overprice for its quantity, just pure mushroom with golden salt. And I actually ordered the wrong type of mushroom…where is my shitake mushroom!

Meatball with vege

Meatball with lettuce. Another version of meatball filled with cutted lettuce. Even more juicy due to the lettuce and it won’t taste totally meaty. I like it also.


Next up is this squid with sweet sauce. A whole of it is $20 my dear. Noelle say there is other place as good as this selling at a cheaper price. But this dish is definitely fresh. You can know from the easily separated meat. The only thing I want to complain is that the bone of the squid is not clear properly. If you don’t already know, Squid has bones. I learnt something and maybe you too :P

pork maki and meatball

Starting from the left is pork with Enoki mushroom, bacon with avocado and meatball again. Fantastic again! The combination with Enoki mushroom was the best. Juicy, juicy and really juicy. As for the Bacon with Avocado, smashed avocado was use and wrap with bacon. I was thinking the avocado rich taste wasn’t being brought out. But overall okay. And the last is pork meatball again.

inside of bacon avocado

Sharing with you the inside of the Bacon Avocado.

foie gras

And the best of the night —- Foie Gras. Please ignore its look but this is heavenly. Noelle let out a comment ” rise to heaven” in Chinese? just like this——->;

fly to sky

or this —–>;

fly to sky 2

You can imagine how nice they are. And we ordered more….

more meat

In the middle is Scallop and chicken skew with repeated items. The scallop was big. Big enough to shape. The sauce complimented the freshness. The chicken though, was average.

container for stick

We were being advised to put the sticks into this container after seeing that the stick start to accumulate on the table like satay sticks.

After 3 rounds of ordering, its Dessert Time ~~~

One Yuzu Sherbet and another Green Tea Ice cream. Japanese dessert for japanese restaurant.

green tea icecreamYuzu Sherbets

Not forgetting the bill at the end. And the urge to visit again felt so strongly.


Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

Address: 5 Koek Rd, Singapore 228796

Phone:6734 2492
Operating Hours: Daily 6:00 pm–10:00 pm

With a full stomach, we end up at some cozy japanese pub nearby for some drinks since the night is still young.

My computer is not supporting me to carry on, so I assume there will be a part 2 andPart 3. Next up is Rio being spotted at Jurong Bird Park —> here

rio to the zoo