Eating at Seoul Yummy Bugis Plus

 Its been sometime…

And! I am going to share with everyone what I have been eating. I came to notice this restaurant when I was randomly walking around Bugis Plus and found people queuing in the middle for an open concept restaurant. I begin to get excited when I saw the menu that they are offering Army’s Stew as one of their main menu and when you peek into the restaurant, you would see everyone eating that. I have long wanted to try Army’s Stew. Going back to history…. Army Stew was created by the soldiers during Korean War when food was scare. They would mix ready food like hot dogs, ham, instant noodle to kimchi soup.

Seoul Yummy Board menu

Big Menu Board

Seoul Yummy - open concept

We took up the ongoing Army’s Stew promotion since that’s my intention to dine there. Going for $49.90++ for 2 pax which comes with the Army’s Stew (Spicy Octopus or Mixed Meat), 2 x Korean Roasted Barley Tea, 1 x Side dish, 2 x Brown rice and 1 x dessert.

The queue was long, and so we queued for 10-15mins but when we were seated, the dish came immediately.Seoul Yummy - army pot raw

The raw version all mixed together. Quite gross if you think about it.

Seoul Yummy - korean mtv

While waiting for the stew to be ready for eating, I had some time to look around the whole interior design of the restaurant and it was playing Korean MTVs repeatedly like Gangnam Style (only one I know, haha). The other thing I noticed is the street casual feel of the restaurant designed with lots of tiny locks.

Seoul Yummy - sides

Side dishes were nothing fantastic but passable. Kimchi can have deeper taste.

Seoul Yummy - kimchi fry wanton

We chose the more unique side dish, Kimchi Fried Wanton, among the 5 dishes available to choose from. Meh meh…

Seoul Yummy - whole table setup

The whole setup of the table together with the healthy tea and brown rice. SO healthy me


And finally it is cooked and ready to eat. There are altogether around 10 ingredient inside. It was more than enough to feed 3person together with all the side dish and we only had 2 person to finish. At the end of the dinner, we were so full and conclude that it will be sometime before we try to eat this again. I still enjoyed eating steamboat with love ones!

I bet you will love it too.