Gem in Tanglin Halt – No. 1 Western Food

Store front

I am so excited to find such nice western food in Tanglin Halt. Through introduction by friend, I make my first time trip to Tanglin Halt for the western food. There are estimated around two western food store and with some easy finding, you will find that the one we are looking for is in the inner circle called No. 1 Western Food.

First impression of the store is its shining clean store and the clean oil getting ready in the wok. Prices are very straight forward, with almost everything priced at $5 and slightly more for the steak. What we order was my favourite dish of Fish and Chip and J’s favourite Pork Chop. Both dishes were accompanied with a special sauce over the dish like what you can see in the pictures. The special sauce seem to fit into all the dishes perfectly.

Besides being tasty as the basic, the portion are large. What surprised me is the FISH and CHIPS! I have never seen any store with fish that thick that I began to wonder if the store will make a losses for selling each dish at $5. The fish meat are thick and crispy. Very thick that I need to exclaim alot of time. No need to say, I will become a regular customer from this day onwards.


I can’t believe I went to the place again within one week. And this time round we tried other dishes and seem like we have tasted almost everything on its menu. The second time I had Steak and Chicken Cutlet.

For people who want to try them, they are only open for dinner

No. 1 Western Food
Blk 1A Commonwealth Dr
Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre
#01-13 Singapore 141001

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