Genting Highland Trip – Food

I have been to Genting for quite a number of times and people may feel it is boring up there but I always wanted to go back because of the perfect weather. This time round, I got a free room thanks to Resort World and was able to escape the heat in Singapore. It is one of my way to escape the warm weather in Singapore. See other ways.

Genting Highlands Resort

My parents tagged along this time round and I actually see the chance to try more food. That’s the benefit of having more people travelling together. I am going to write about the different restaurant that I have tried for my first time in Genting.

HAO YOU JI (Good Friend Restaurant)

Many of you will have been to Hao You Ji for Dim Sum or dinner one or twice during your visit to Genting. Personally, their dim sum is totally not to my liking but the normal Chinese dishes are fine for me for dinner. I brought my parents over for dinner and unexpectedly realized they have change their menu to a totally Hakka cuisine experience. I think this is my first time having a whole Hakka cuisine dinner and was not very thrilled to what they offered.

Hakka poster

The dishes came quite fast and we were already eating without us realizing.

claypot bak kut teh

3 types of bak kut teh

They offered three types of Bak Kut Teh and the one we had was Claypot Bak Kut Teh. Quite different from the usual one we had in Singapore but it was good and a taste of herbs.

Braised Pork Belly

Next came the Braised Pork Belly which is my Dad’s favourite. A meat person will surely love this. The meat is accompanied with preserved vegetable which reduce the oiliness of the dish.

Pork belly on rice

See how good it looks on my rice. I love it too. Once in a while indulging.

Broccoli stirred fried seafood

Fresh Broccoli with 3 types of seafood inside

fried tofu

The look simple but taste fantastic Fried Tofu together with some paste inside.

curry sliced fish

curry sliced fish

A curry sliced fish to warm our body. My Dad say some spiciness is needed to curb the cold in Genting .

This is unexpectedly a happy and satisfying meal to have in Genting.

Genting Palace Restuarant

Next up is the Genting Palace Restuarant. We had our breakfast dimsum here. This is the most anticipated one. Even before we reach Genting I have been saving my stomach to have this. This restaurant is quite oddly situated and I never knew it was there until this time round that I check up the website. Another choice for Dim Sum since Hao You Ji failed me. Breakfast dim sum is only serve on Sunday.

century egg chicken porridge

Century egg porridge is served first and each orders is one person serving.

fried prawn wanton

This Fried Shrimp Dumpling is recommended by the staff as the hot favorite in the restaurant. Nicely fried and I like the feeling of a mouth full of prawn.

Pork Ribs

I will always order this dish for my Dad whenever we have Dim Sum. His favorite in all the dim sum choice. The one provided by Genting Palace is said to be one of the best that my father had out of so many restaurant. Reason being it comes in a big serving and there is actually quite alot of meat on each bone. I agreed with my Dad as I have also had experience with a plate of Pork ribs with basically no meat. The taste was also not too salty or too sweet.

Chee Cheong Fun

 Passable Chee Cheong Fun with meat

han gao

 Not so nice Har Gao

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

My like: Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Chicken Feet

My Mum’s must order: Chicken Feet. She commented that it is meaty and tasted quite special. A bit sweet and spicy

Liu sha bao

Add on: Salted egg bun (Liu Sha Bao). This was good too

dripping bun

The effect of it dripping out.

Another good meal. Only thing is per dish came in 3 serving only as you can see from the picture. We got four person…and I thought restaurant should be able to spot this. We end up sharing alot of the item.

Besides the two restaurant I also had a supper at the cafe below our hotel


fried mee hoon

I always like this type of Bee Hoon, simple and nice.

green bean soup

Accompanied with Green Bean Soup specially ordered by J to warm my stomach.

I enjoyed being able to find new things on every visit. Including this time. And I must confess that my parents has become like me, wanting to go back right after the day we came back all thank to my introduction.