Hyanggtogol Korean Restaurant



Another Korean Restaurant lining up to introduce to everyone. Please don’t say “Oh what, another Korean restaurant, what is wrong with her?” I am not particular a fan of Korean Cuisine although I don’t mind eating but it just happened that they appear in my selection recently. This Korean restaurant is totally different from Seoul Yummy @ Bugis Plus which I have introduced before. Read further to see why.

Hyanggtogol Korean Restaurant is located at the second floor of Amara Hotel and not the shopping area beside the hotel so please don’t get it wrong like me.


Follow the direction around the hotel.


Turn to your left after you exit from the lift and there it is welcoming you.


Wide Space


They have another branch at Sentosa which by chance I also have it before, but they are totally different. Sentosa’s branch offers buffet style and I don’t think I am going back there. Coming back, they actually have a wide menu of selection.


Crystal clean utensils. Love them


Not long, the servers bring on the side dish after we made our order. They are so determine to fill the table with side dishes.Can you believe this? 3 of us have to finish them.


Some zoom in of the different side dishes. They have kimchi of sweeter version, kimchi that is more spicy and we end up trying to taste the different even though they look the same.


Dry version of Kimchi to your right and the main dish that we ordered, lamb chop ($22) to your left


Another Kimchi and another white salad.


Cold Kimchi. Not spicy but interesting.


The raw vegetable to have it with the barbecue meat. This plate of vegetable is chargeable.


And you eat it this way. A small piece of meat, cucumber and onion.

lamp chop

Juicy Lamp Chop. It was a pleasure eating here as the staff will help you with bbq-ing the items that you ordered and then cut into smaller pieces for you.


Best Tofu Kimchi soup I have had. Ultimately soft tofu. OMG! super soft la. I want another bowl pls!


And we share it among ourselves. You can see the clam too.

Seafood pancake

Pardon me as I had no chance to take photo of the Seafood Pancake when it was still in the pizza-like pan. The too helpful staff divide the pancake for us into 3. Crispy and soft pancake but alittle short of seafood. But I really like it.


See the beautiful Pork Belly ($22) turning into……


This! Mouth watering meat. Even a non meat lover will love it.


We took quite some time digesting the whole table of food and then request the staff to take out our cake which we Da Bao from the famous Tampopo Deli cream puff and fruit cake. The staff was so helpful that they provide use with candle and lighter thinking that one of us is celebrating our birthday. So we take turns making wish and we blown the candle together. The so helpful staff even volunteer to take photos for us. Big Thank YOU to them! See the fresh cream on the top of the fruit cake. So generous. But what I really like is the cream puff. It also come with alot of custard inside the puff. The puff is so crispy. Who is going to queue for me for this puff?


If you wonder why we can have the dinner for so long, it is because they operate till 1am in the morning. Good gathering place found. Definitely going back soon.

Amara Hotel

165 Tanjong Pagar Road