Long Beach Demsey Hill Dinner


Was honor to be invited for dinner by boyfriend’s family. It was a Sunday and super big rain. I wasn’t sure where the car was heading until I was ask the direction to Demsey Hill, Long Beach. Haven’t been there before and the dinner was a birthday dinner.

Seafoodful dinner as usual. The reason why we choose Long Beach was because there were some discount which we can use. A $600 and above spending allow you to have a private room. We did not go for that but no harm as the share room was equally grand. There is drop down window where we are able to see the forested area while having the dinner.

Our room was name 'EverBloom'

Our room was name ‘EverBloom’



Glass was icy cold when served

Glass was icy cold when served



Brand Essence Prawn was fresh and but of herbs than alcohol


Normal crispy chicken, abit salty


Fish was super fresh and season to the right amount. Meat was so soft.


There was crab, deep fried bread for the crab and frog leg with brand essence

The bread was not like the normal one piece type but is in a longer shape and cut into parts. Crab was big and juicy, tender meat.

Overall, it was a happy meal with some good dishes and mix view of dishes. Quiet place and not as expensive as expected. Worth a second try.

Location: Blk 25 #01-01 Dempsey Road
Tel: 6323 2222
Open: 11am- 3pm (Lunch)
5.30pm- 1.30am (Dinner)