Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant @ Chinatown Point

Peach Garden

Arranged for an afternoon lunch with the girls followed by Park Royal Hotel @ Pickering Street Staycation thanks to treats by dear friend. It was lunch time when we arrive and there was abit of queue. So we make our reservation and went over to check in to our room just opposite the mall. The lady from the restaurant offered to call us once our table is ready. Lets see what I had.

My first time visiting Peach Garden Restaurant and was looking forward to it since friend around me seem to love it. It was around 45mins later we went back to the restaurant when they had not called us. When we went back to the restaurant, there was apparently no queue already, so we were ushered into the restaurant.

We took some time to decide what to eat. Serving time was fast and in no time the food were served.

First up, the  Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce ($8) highly recommended by the staff was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I love carrot cake and normally can’t resist one. I would say they are good but a little bit pricey.

XO Carrot Cake

My dear Cantonese friend wanted Boiled Soup to her own. Not a very attractive dish and a bit on the bland side. Pardon me but I forgot what soup is this. Seem like Pork Ribs with Winter Melon


You can see how exploring we are to have ordered this black in colour dish. This is actually something like Soon Kueh with Mushroom as fillings.


A closer look of it. I forgot what is called. We actually point to this dish from our neighbouring table.

dumpling 2

A plate of mix duck meat and Char Siew which comes with peanuts by the side. Duck meat was average but we really don’t like the Char Siew as we feel the pork smell is too heavy. We asked for a change to Roasted Belly Pork but was rejected. We did not finish the Char Siew though it looks so appetizing.

Roast Meat

We received a call from their manager in regards to their Char Siew after we left. They said they had tasted the Char Siew and it taste fine. The meat is suppose to taste a little heavier. They also offered to let us have a free plate of Char Siew when we return. But I don’t think I would want them the second time I go. If they wanted to give us a free plate the why don’t do it at the first place we requested for it. So weird.  But our mood was not affected by it. People seem more forgiving on a Saturday.

Roast Meat 2

Lean Meat & Century Egg Porridge in a unique bowl. My friend keep say the bowl is so unique and familiar and can’t seem to remember where we have seen it. After thinking, I think they are from those condiment at Buffet places. Any image come up ?


We weren’t very hungry as we had roti prata at another place while waiting for Peach Garden to call us. We went on to have dessert. What we ordered was Yam with Pumpkin and Ginko Nuts. This is nice and my friend thought it won’t be enough for 3 person, she wanted to order 1 for herself. But she is proved wrong. Too full to have all by one self.

Yam Dessert

Food with happy people are always good. Peach Garden wasn’t as good as I had expected but I had a happy meal with good friends. The outlet at Chinatown Point may not be a good representation of Peach Garden. Will hope to try other outlet soon. Maybe.

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