Poulét – Amazing French Roast Chicken

Met up with the group of girls for dinner on a Saturday night. We decided to have Poulét for dinner since most of us are dieting and skipping carbohydrates as much as possible. As you may have guess, Poulét means chicken in french. It proclaimed to have “Amazing French Roast Chicken”  and you know you shouldn’t skip that on your order. The restaurant was almost full house on a Saturday night but we didn’t have to wait very long before our table was ready.

poulet 2

I have heard people saying Poulét is a restaurant that allows you to enjoy good french cuisine at an affordable price. Looking at the menu, each main dish is below $20 which is still reasonable. The restaurant is also more casual as compared to a normal french restaurant. For the average it may not be a high class restaurant but not cheap either.

The design of the restaurant is half open concept and while queuing, you can see the chef busy putting in the chicken and taking out the roasted chicken from the oven. Dinning area was so near to the kitchen but there wasn’t any smell after leaving the restaurant.


The hungry girls already decided on what to eat even before we were seated. We went straight to the main dishes skipping all the appetizer available.

pork belly 2

First came the Iberico Pork Belly ($15.80) topped with mustard sauce and accompanied with mashed potato. The belly wasn’t fatty at all which I have previously imagine but it was a bit dry and I accidentally keep saying I was eating “a duck”  without me knowing it. That’s how the meat taste like. But I like the sauce since I am a mustard lover and the mashed potato was so creamy I thought it was a creamy sauce.

salty fries

There wasn’t any rice that we can order on the menu so we ordered a tin of fries for the girl who must have rice for dinner. The fries are really salty. A sign of no control of salt sprinkled.

whole chicken

The star, Poulét Roti ($15.80 half / $28.80 whole) came last and I like how the chicken is serve. Very homely feel. We ordered a whole chicken to share among 3 person and it was definitely enough. The chicken was also perfectly divided into four parts before serving. Meat can be easily teared from the bone and was firm and tender. I would say it is not very unique to have roast chicken as your star of the restaurant since there are already a lot of restaurants in Singapore also serving chicken and come with other sides for a cheaper price.

whole chicken 2

The food are surprisingly filling for 3 ladies. Presentation of the dish was really good as well but food was average. Service crew were quick and efficient. But I don’t see myself going back out of crave but it is definitely good for a simple meal.


 Chinatown Point #02-40,

133 New Bridge Road, (S)059413