Toa Payoh – Creamier Cafe



Finally, we have a cafe near to my neighborhood, Toa Payoh. I seldom walk around this area and to my surprise, the stretch of shops are turning interesting, especially Creamier. Creamier is a independent cafe specializing in crafting premium ice-cream and also have coffee on their menu.

outside creamier

At dinner time, the cafe is also quite packed. But to start off with, the cafe is not big either. The order system is that you order from their big menu hanging on the wall or choose the ice cream at the counter , pay and then you take a seat.

ordering at creamier

Customers tend to crowd around here to order.

creamier menu

Big Menu

icecream display creamier

The different ice cream flavors are displayed and you can try them before you order. Saw quite a number of special flavor on their website but wasn’t able to find them there.

icecream creamier

We had Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Earl Grey Lavender which was unique as well. Each scoop of ice cream is priced at $3 and a double sco0p is $5 . We had very good impression of Earl Grey Ice cream previously and was delighted to find that Creamier mixed it with Lavender giving it an additional flower taste. Slightly sweeter than what we have at another ice cream parlor but it was still good. Sea Salt Gula Melaka, as compared to Earl Grey Lavender, is less to our liking but good as well. Gula Melaka while many may not know,  is the Malay word meaning Palm Sugar. So now you know it is a combination of sweet and salty, very interesting taste like some old traditional coconut sweet or some taste which I feel familiar but just can’t figure out. Don’t know if we are supposed to be able to taste the texture of salt in the ice cream.

icecream with door

Relaxing sitting area to enjoy the dessert

earl grey and  sea salt gula melaka double scope

window looking creamier

The transparent window and alignment of tables encourage people to stare out in blank.

kitchen creamier

Free water available to neutralize your taste. Feel free to help yourselves.

crowded creamier

Good chatting place for people in the neighborhood. Hopefully, as this cafe gets popular, I can still find a seat when I return.

Good place should be share!


128 Toa Payoh Lor 1,

#01-835, Singapore 310128

Opening Hours:

Tue – Thu 12pm – 10pm

Fri – Sat 12pm – 11pm

Sun 12pm – 10pm

Monday Close