Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

With much rave about Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe, the group of girls who are always looking out for that special cafe are out to hunt again. This cafe is top on our list since it named itself as a chocolate cafe. The girls, being chocolate lover, can’t withstand this temptation.

 We reached there at 9pm never to find the cafe full housed with a queue forming around the counter. The place was ulu, quiet in the middle of all the private houses. It is hard to imagine Jalan Riang Rd to be such a popular place with other interesting restaurants also located there. The restaurants are all filled. If you don’t stay there, you properly don’t know there is a secret place like this.

please wait to be seated

We have 4-5 tables queuing infront of us but we did not have to wait long. But it was long enough for me to take a look around before we were seated. The cafe wasn’t big. It was actually quite small with a small area for 3 tables plus a long walk way behind where there are more tables

books corner

There is a corner with children books directly beside the queue area.


The desserts are beginning to be emptied. Like not much thing left….If you think like that, you are wrong.

wimbly lu kitchen

Open Concept Kitchen where they make some of their desserts. They have another kitchen where hot stuff are done there


Romantically lighted seating area

wimbly lu

The special part about this cafe is the ceiling are transparent and you can actually look out of the ceiling and spot the moon. It may be more obvious during the day with the sunshine coming in. I was hoping it rain so the raindrop will be making sound on the glass ceiling. It never happen for the time I was there.

mirror wimbly lu

From my seat, I can spot the staff making Tiramisu in the open kitchen from the reflection of the mirror. The big mirror also help in making the area look more spacious.

Root Beer Cake

Their famous Root Beer Cake came along with a scoope of ice-cream. Feel like brownie but with an aftertaste of root beer. Very new to me. Both my friends can’t accept it and not liking it. I felt it was special and I like to try special thing but not extremely nice.

Rocky Bar

This Rocky Bar was nicer with almond and marshmallow filled in the bar. What we have was hard until the fork was useless to break them apart. Not enough of defrosting. My friend said the one they had in Australia was not like that. I never had them in Australia but I feel it was good with a nice texture and good to chew too.

iced chocolate

This Iced Chocolate with whipped cream was good too. Very chocolaty and filled with whipped cream. Chocolate lover like it.

Overall, I still think this cafe is a very good place for chit chat and chilled but for people without cars, this place is quite inaccessible. Good for a drink but cannot expect much with their food. What I am looking for is a good place to chat.


15-2 Jalan Riang

Singapore 358987

Opening Hours:

Tues -Fri: 1pm-10.30pm

Sat/Sun: 9am-11pm