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Hyanggtogol Korean Restaurant



Another Korean Restaurant lining up to introduce to everyone. Please don’t say “Oh what, another Korean restaurant, what is wrong with her?” I am not particular a fan of Korean Cuisine although I don’t mind eating but it just happened that they appear in my selection recently. This Korean restaurant is totally different from Seoul Yummy @ Bugis Plus which I have introduced before. Read further to see why.

Eating at Seoul Yummy Bugis Plus

 Its been sometime…

And! I am going to share with everyone what I have been eating. I came to notice this restaurant when I was randomly walking around Bugis Plus and found people queuing in the middle for an open concept restaurant. I begin to get excited when I saw the menu that they are offering Army’s Stew as one of their main menu and when you peek into the restaurant, you would see everyone eating that. I have long wanted to try Army’s Stew. Going back to history…. Army Stew was created by the soldiers during Korean War when food was scare. They would mix ready food like hot dogs, ham, instant noodle to kimchi soup.

Seoul Yummy Board menu

Bali – Sunset Tanah Lot


Tanah Lot, a popular tourist attraction in Bali is shaped by offshore rocks form over the years by ocean tide. It is home to the temple, the Pura Tanah Lot  which was built as one of the seven sea temple around the Balinese coast. Each of the sea temples were established within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast.

What attracts large tourists to Tanah Lot is its stunning sun set and amazing rocks formation. You will need to pay a total of IDR40K to enter Tanah Lot. The path leading to Tanah Lot are commercialised with shops selling souveirs and restaurants selling food.

sunset tanah lot

Bali – Jimbaran Beach Seafood Restaurant

We decided to have our first Bali dinner at Jimbaran Beach after hearing how romantic it is to have our dinner on the beach with a dim light and at the same time enjoying the sunset. Set off around 4pm plus and due to the forever traffic jam, we reached there   around 6pm. If you wanna make sure you see the sunset, be sure to reach there at 5pm. Sunset is around 5.30pm.

Was introduced by the Astana Batubelig Villa‘s staff to have our dinner at Seaside Cafe. One of the many restaurant that lies along Jimbaran Beach.

table number 27

Ushered in to table 27. Table was set up randomly depending on where we want it to be. More tables will be added to the sand when there are more customer. Doesn’t take long before they get you seated.

Bali Itinerary Short 3D2N

I am back from Bali short weekend trip and good times really fly fast. I would like to share my itinerary so you guys can prevent or include in your own itinerary.

Day 1:

 plane to bali

Bali – Astana Batubelig Villa

Stayed at Astana Batubelig Villa for my entire trip in Bali (which is 2 night). I found the Villa through browsing They have a wide selection of Villa making them an ideal place to book your stay. Astana Batubelig(as stated in Agoda) is located in the Seminyak area, 30mins from Airport and within walking distance to the Batubelig beach. There are a total of 16 rooms, all comes with a pool in each villa.

Some of the reasons why we book the villa is

1) It is near to the beach

2) Mart and famous eating area around the villa

3) Villa is not too big for two person and everything looks so new, clean and modern

4) Price is not too high, within our budget ($200)


Toa Payoh – Creamier Cafe



Finally, we have a cafe near to my neighborhood, Toa Payoh. I seldom walk around this area and to my surprise, the stretch of shops are turning interesting, especially Creamier. Creamier is a independent cafe specializing in crafting premium ice-cream and also have coffee on their menu.

outside creamier

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

With much rave about Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe, the group of girls who are always looking out for that special cafe are out to hunt again. This cafe is top on our list since it named itself as a chocolate cafe. The girls, being chocolate lover, can’t withstand this temptation.

 We reached there at 9pm never to find the cafe full housed with a queue forming around the counter. The place was ulu, quiet in the middle of all the private houses. It is hard to imagine Jalan Riang Rd to be such a popular place with other interesting restaurants also located there. The restaurants are all filled. If you don’t stay there, you properly don’t know there is a secret place like this.

please wait to be seated

Poulét – Amazing French Roast Chicken

Met up with the group of girls for dinner on a Saturday night. We decided to have Poulét for dinner since most of us are dieting and skipping carbohydrates as much as possible. As you may have guess, Poulét means chicken in french. It proclaimed to have “Amazing French Roast Chicken”  and you know you shouldn’t skip that on your order. The restaurant was almost full house on a Saturday night but we didn’t have to wait very long before our table was ready.

poulet 2