New Year Resolutions 2015

We were sitting over at the cafe one day and my dear friend, Jan asked us about our New Year Resolution for 2015. I was never someone who writes down new year resolution as I dun wan to restrict myself or rather forced myself into doing something. The feeling of unnaturally altering something. That said, you can see I am someone who is lazy enough to even keep tracked of my own life.

Anyway, back to the topic. So her question really triggered me into deep thoughts for quite a few days. My initial answer to her was I want to get thin for 5kg before my pre-wedding shoot but then I realized getting thin is forever a woman resolution every year.
So what’s my resolution so far after much thinking?

1. Getting thin at least 5kg. (Yup, not changing this)
2. Learning a new language which I have interest in. Maybe Korean? French? (In line with why I think everyone need to keep learning and trying new things. For life too)
3. Aim to save $10K by Dec 2015. Happened to come across an article that someone was able to save $20K a year with a monthly pay of $2500. So I wonder where my money has gone to. I am not that ambitious. Just half of what she managed. I remembered I was someone very thrifty few years ago. I would sit down during one of my part time job and count all my expenses and earnings for the month. One time. Two time.

I never got tired of counting. It thrills me that I am seeing money entering my pocket. And I was so clear with my finances back then. I want to chase that virtues back.

So good luck to me!
Sidetracked: I asked the Boyfriend about his resolutions for 2015 too. Being someone so similar like me, I knew he won’t have one and doesn’t even plan to have one. So somewhat, he is forced to have one.

His: learn how to cook fried rice. 

Okie, I think it’s a good one cos he has been saying this for too long. Work towards your resolutions everyone.