Unpleasant Online Shopping with COURTS

It all started with me wanting a Samsung Tab S. I was lazy so I went to Samsung Online to check if I am able to purchase it directly just like how I purchase my Iphone on Apple Store few years ago.

samsung page

Straight away I click on where to buy and a window pop up suggesting I can purchase it with COURTS ONLINE.

samsung page buy online options


I wasn’t a COURTS loyal customer all along and even if I want to buy something COURTS is not one I go to straight away. We hear alot of complaints from people who buy from COURTS and this actually made me think twice before I will buy from them. But I thought I wanted to be fair to COURTS and its totally a new service online so why not give it a try. Furthermore, it is just a small item. Why am I suspicious that COURTS can’t fulfill such a small order?

So I went ahead to purchase the item. The whole process was smooth and I got a email confirmation for my purchases.

courts notices


In particular, this was highlighted in BOLD RED. I thought WOW! So easy, I just need to sit at home and wait for my tablet. And I was still worried I would miss their call or miss me if I am not at home. But I was all WRONG!

1) I did not get a call from them at all. Purchase made on 30 Sept at night. 1 October no call at all. Why bother to even write me a bold red text.

2) I made an initiative since no call. They have a tracking for delivery on their website. Went ahead to key in my invoice number and item shown indicated delivery will be on 1 Oct. I was still worried for my tablet and wait at home till 9pm on that day. NO SHOW.

3) Made a call first thing in the morning 2 Oct at 10am and told the customer service lady I did not receive any call and online put my delivery should be on 1 Oct. She say she will ask the online team to call me. I asked for a time frame. And they promise within 4hrs. Did not receive any call by 2pm. Do they really need so long to call me to arrange delivery?

4) By 2pm no call. So I went back to call the customer service. I repeated the same old story to them and they gave me the same old sentence. Say will call me back. I got really angry and say NO! And I want an answer now if not just cancel the whole order. And that’s when they get panicked and start to really take action. Next few moment, the lady promised once I put down the call the person in charge will call. And true enough the call came in.

5) AND YES, the call did came in. A guy answered and sounded really sorry. He said the whole time they were securing the item for me. %$%#@^ I rolled my eyes, but of cos he won’t be able to see it. But like what reason was this. I told them if item was out of stock then they shouldn’t even sell online. And next thing he did was tell me fastest they deliver only left Sunday, 5 Oct. OMG, that’s long. I gave in and wanted to self collect but the location to collect was Tampines Mega Store. Wasn’t COURTS islandwide? Few days ago I visited the outlet at Toa Payoh, the sale people were still promoting it there. I can’t really accept the option given.

I really gave up on COURTS by then and just wanted it to be settled and gone. So I chose to had my item delivered on Sunday.

This post is written on 2 Oct. We will see if delivery do turn up at my house on Sunday. I am seriously not giving high expectation.