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1 Day Trip: Labrador Park, Keppel Bay, Harbourfront

keppel bay poster

If you are wondering where you can go in Singapore for dating for a whole day, please carry on reading down. A date that does not need alot of money but allow you to explore a different Singapore.

Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

I am at Balestier after movie and wanted to have my dinner. When you thing of Balestier what food comes to your mind?

Tau Sar Piah?

tau sar piah

No, no, no. Not them. I know there are lots of good Tau Sar Piah around in Balestier but not for dinner that day though I like them also.

Today’s dinner at Balestier is Bat Kuk Teh


Experiencing SAFRA Toa Payoh

SAFRA Toa Payoh is the most recent renovated building of the 5 Safra in Singapore. I am very excited in experiencing the facilities within SAFRA Toa Payoh. With SAFRA issuing membership to our NS Men and Reservist, it is no wonder people are starting to experience what SAFRA has to offer. I am one of those people.

After J got his membership, he was so eager so he asked me to accompany him for a swim.


5 Ways to Survive Singapore’s Hot Weather

hot sun

If you are staying in Singapore, I believe you have been experiencing what I have been experiencing – THE WARM WEATHER

As the days get warmer and warmer, I have come up with a few ways to at least help to feel a bit more cooler.

Birthday Celebration 123 Part Two

birdpark ticket

A Happy Happy Birthday

Ocean Spoon Restaurant


Complete Guide to Macritchie Reservoir Walk

view from Jelutong Tower

Guide to Explore the Kranji Heritage Farms in Singapore

Nature in Singapore

Weekends are days where life seems to go at a slower pace especially when we get to visit nature places. I have been doing it with J most of the weekends exploring alot of nature places that I wouldn’t have known. Everytime we found a new ‘WOW’ place, it was usually places we wouldn’t have expected. ┬áI recommend to visit as many┬áreservoirs as possible for a relaxing afternoon or a walk after dinner.

Some photos to share: