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BFF 2015 Travel to Korea – 9D8N Itinerary


Finally had a chance to go on a tour in April with some of my best friend in my life. We had never went for a tour together and had planned this for many years. As we aged, we are often too busy to gather together. Furthermore we are in different countries and have different commitment. Everyone of us treasured the opportunity to tour together. With much arrangement, we are off to Korea in spring and the most anticipated event was cherry blossom viewing.

Basically, we only visited Seoul and Jeju with a total of 9 Days

Day 1:

- Reached Incheon Int’l Airport in the afternoon

- Dinner in Myeongdong: Galbi Octopus and Pork

Day 2:

- Brunch: Tosokchon (Ginseng Chicken)

- Visit to Gyeongbukgung Palace

- Bukchon Hanok Village

- Insadong

- Dinner: Bongchu Jjimdak (Spicy Soy Chicken)

- Cafe: Traditional Tea

Day 3:

- Brunch: Chuncheon Chicken

- Ewha University Street shopping

- Hongdae Shopping

- Style Nanda

-Gwangjang Market visit and dinner

Day 4

- Fly to Jeju (How to book?)

- O Sulloc Green Tea Plantation and Muesum

- BBQ Black Pork (Even PM Lee H.L went)

- Mysterious Road

- Simple dinner near hotel

Day 5

- Abalone Breakfast

-Sangumburi Crater

- Folk Village (How we got cheated!)

- Seopjikoji Trail (All in Drama Church)

-  Lunch: Seafood Pot

- Sunrise Peak

- Dinner: Super spicy Deep Fried Chicken near hotel

Day 6

Fly back to Seoul

- Duty Free Mall Shopping

- N.Seoul Tower

- Kyochon Take Away

Day 7

- Brunch: had repeated octopus galbi again

- Myeongdong shopping

- Teabreak: O Sulloc

- Garosu Gil  Shopping

- Dinner: Army Stew @ Dongdaemung

- Night Shopping!

Day 8

- Brunch @ Myeongdong Onedang Pork and Potato soup (super yummy)

- Continue shopping day at Duty Free Shop

- Dinner near Air B&B Apartment

Day 9

- Fly back to Singapore

- How to do tax refund

Will be back with more details of the trip. Look out for it.




4D3N Chiang Mai Trip 2013 Itinerary

I was just back from Chiang Mai 2 days ago. There was actually no plan to Chiang Mai this year but I won some air tickets unexpectedly and here I go to Chiang Mai within a short 2 weeks notice. Before I go, there was the usual stuff like researching online on where to go and familiarizing with the map and planning my itinerary. Take a look at my itinerary and feel free to follow suit.

Chiang Mai Itinerary


For detailed readings and more pictures. Move on to different link below

Where We Stay - Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House

Day 1 (coming up)

Day 2  (coming up)

Day 3  (coming up)

Day 4  (coming up)

Krabi – The Beautiful Beaches


krabi mountain view opposite hotel


A few months back I went to Krabi and I can’t resist myself from sharing all the beautiful photos of the beaches. I still remember us commenting that we may not want to come back again since we want to visit other places, but looking at the photos now I really feel like it is pulling me back.

I Am Going to Bali

going to bali

Yes! I am going to Bali in May, and I am already so excited that I need to blog it. At the meantime, before I leave for Bali, I have been reading up information on how to enjoy all the fun things in Bali and I will put together the information I have found so that you who are reading need not have to compile them. I am so thoughtful, yay.

3D2N Macau Get-away Part Two


3D2N Macau Get-away Part One



After my Thailand trip, here is another short trip I recently went.

The Itinerary at a glance

Day 1

  • Taipa street walk around
  • Galaxy, Venetian, Sands Casino hopping
  • Pork Chop bun

Day 2

  • Cathedral of Saint Paul
  • Senado Square
  • Margaret’s Cafe Egg Tart

The Arrival

We arrive at the small and simple Macau Airport at 10am by Air Asia and was recommended by peers to takee shuttle bus around Macau. So straight we go and approach the bus stop infront of the airport. We took a free map of Macau which show the whole of Macau and also the different buses you can take to different location but wasn’t effective when you want to go to specific smaller street. We took MT1 to Grandview Hotel as indicated from the map. The bus don’t stop directly infront of the hotel but opposite the road. Was lucky enough to receive help from a Taiwanese taking the same bus as us.

on the plane to Macau

on the plane to Macau

The Hotel

Our whole trip accommodation was at Grandview Hotel which we book through Agoda.com. To give a rough idea, hotels in Macau are expensive with the minimum average $150 for a good to stay or a 4 star hotel. We were given an early check-in at 1030am and was given a non-smoking room as what we had indicate in Agoda.  We were overall satisfied with the hotel since the bed was super comfy and the whole room is very clean and up to standard. What is unique about the room is that the bathroom has a look through window from outside and curtain is available outside the bathroom.  There is also a smaller casino located at the ground floor of the hotel if you don’t want to walk to those big casinos which is around 15min walk. A big and cheap supermarket is located outside the hotel and also a bus stop that basically have most of the buses to most places. The hotel also offers shuttle bus to ferry terminals every 15mins. What you may want to note is that if you choose to walk to big casinos, be prepared to walk abit more.

Our room

Our room

Another view

Another view

The Taipa St

After some rest at the hotel, we set out in look for food. We target what is nearest to us. With little research done about Macau, we depend alot on local people for direction. Most of them speak in Cantonese and we can only make guesses from what they say. We headed slowly to Taipa Street passing through schools, basketball courts, stadium and housing of the locals. Weather was cooling at around 18 degree C which mean no sweat with the long walk under the sun.


Seem like a welcome session when we spotted break-dancing at the start of the street.

Taipa is one of the famous area in Macau with some Portugal style building. We had our first meal at a cafe. Small cafe but good food filling our stomach. The cafe is just along the famous Cunha Street (Rua do Cunha in Portuguese). This is the street which has some of the famous must eat in Macau.


Yummy pork chop with rice. A must eat!

Yummy pork chop with rice. A must eat!

Each wanton have 1-2 prawn~~~

Each wanton have 1-2 prawn~~~

Few shop down the street is the famous gelatine shop. Both of us find it normal but not a bad thing to eat ice cream on a cold day :)

Famous Gelatin and ice-cream

Famous Gelatin and ice-cream

Mango ice cream

Mango ice cream

After eating we walk randomly and took photo basically on anything and everything.




 The Venetian

And we realize we are heading to the famous Venetian in no time. The exterior look of Venetian is nothing to wow about as compared to the interior. But it still feels like walking in your own big garden with gardeners tending to the plants. The place was still filled with fake snow flakes when we were there in January. Cleaners were seen trying hard to clear away the flakes between which seem like an endless job to us. The Venetian inside is really huge like a maze. Lobby is golden with Greece design. There is a long canal.  Sky in Venetian are fake including the buildings. From Venetian, you can walk either to Galaxy or Sands.



The Pork Chop Bun Search

We spent sometime locating the famous pork chop bun since the road name cannot be found on the map. Is actually very near to taipa. Just some turn and you will be there. But it help to ask. And I think local in Macau can tell you where it is when u ask them. For easy reference, it is actually opposite Galaxy. Cross to opposite of Galaxy where there are restaurants and shops. Walk all the way in until you see a temple. It is beside the temple.



Tai Lei Loi Kei Cafe

18, Largo Governardor Tamagnigi Barbosa
Taipa, Macau
(near bus terminus, on the corner of Rua do regeror & Rua corela de silva)
Opening hours: 8.30am – 6pm (porkchop bun only available 2pm onwards)
How to get there: By taxi or bus no. 11,15,22,28A,30,33,34 stop at Tin Hau Temple. 

The Galaxy

Casino hop to Galaxy and gambling gambling  take place……………………………………..


The Dinner

Late dinner and most shops are closing at around 10pm. We went back to Taipa st and got ourselves into this restaurant. We wanted individual serving but the rice and noodles is not to be eaten alone. Heavy carbohydrate trap in the late night. Fried Rice is damn nice. I believe there are other nice dishes but we did not get to have back.





Shanghai Chan Chan Restaurant

R/C, 22 Rua da Cunha, Vila de Taipa

Stay tune for part two~~

Bangkok Trip: Somtam @ Siam Square Soi 5

We landed at this restaurant before starting our shopping at Siam Square. Aware of the rave about this restaurant, we join in the queue outside. Straight after, we went on to order our food and ask how long we have to wait. The waiter who took our order told us to wait for 15mins. It turned out that there was no need for such long wait. The restaurant has a total of 2 storey and our table was at the first floor.

Bangkok Trip : After You Dessert Cafe

Bangkok Trip : Search of Spa Massage

I am just back from Bangkok and already started my packed schedule life in Singapore. The trip to Bangkok was filled with MASSAGE!

A Highly anticipated Zoo Trip

Last Saturday me and J wanted to celebrate our 1st year together but was not very sure of where to go….

we decided on MacRitchie Reservoir but ended up that the whole night was raining so it was not very wise to go hiking.

I got a call from him at 10am for a change in plan. We will be going to the ZOO!