1 Day Trip: Labrador Park, Keppel Bay, Harbourfront

keppel bay poster

If you are wondering where you can go in Singapore for dating for a whole day, please carry on reading down. A date that does not need alot of money but allow you to explore a different Singapore.

I have previously recommended:

SAFRA Toa Payoh for a swim

Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Macritchie Reservoir Walk

First up, get to Labrador Park for some historical walk in the forested area or the coastal area. Labrador Park can be reached via car or MRT but require some walking.

walkway up labrador

We parked our car at one of the car park and walk uphill where the cannons are.


I am not trying to make this into a Singapore Paranormal Investigation(SPI) post. But it is kind of eerie around. If you look in to tunnel, it is pit dark and totally quiet.


The old cannon is still here but I wonder if it can still be use. I think it is possible. Who knows when it will protect Singapore once again

map labrador

We wasn’t sure where we were going so we keep stopping to look at the map distributed around Labrador Park.

dragon stone

After done with the historical moments of the day, we came down and saw the sea. While facing the sea, continue the walk on your left and you will reach this red stone name “Dragon Gate Tooth”. This is at the mouth of Singapore sea when Zheng He came to Singapore.

red house

A Red Viewing stand. Like a small light house.

Labrador Naure and coastal walk

Without noticing, we are already walking along the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk.


Keep a look out for the fences for some hint to how long you still have to walk before you reach your destination.

reflection view

Seafront overlooking Reflection

road to keppel bay

Crossing the bridge to Keppel Bay. It was very windy here.


Can you spot the helicopter on the yacht? How rich!

keppel bay 1

More photos……

keppel bay 2keppel 3green field

On the other side, there is a large field where people lie down to read a book, stare into the sky, picnic and even some father and son activities – Football.

All this can easily cover 2-3 hours of your date. Head over to Harbourfront for some cheap dinner or remain at Prive Restaurant for a romantic dinner while enjoying the sunset. What I have was this:

Duck Noodles

It may not be presentable but it is really good! The duck meat is the most tender I have had in my life. Calling all duck meat lover.

Shi Ji Noodle Stall

Shi Ji Noodle Stall

2 Seah Im Road #01-56 Seah Im Food Centre