3D2N Macau Get-away Part Two


Here is part two of the trip. Part One 

The Day 2

We did not set target to wake up early the next day. With no place in mind to have breakfast, we planned to have it in Senado Square.

The Senado Square

We took public bus to Senado Square outside our hotel. Getting down wasn’t hard when you know half the people in the bus are heading there. Just follow them. Senado Square is at the other side of Macau which to me is like the city of Macau. Is more crowded in this area. It is also near to Ruins of Cathedral of St. Paul (Signature of Macau).

DSCN0332 DSCN0346


The Breakfast

Everywhere is people and crowded. We found a small roadside stall beside a small temple and decided to have our breakfast there. We ordered porridge together with Siew mai and Chee Cheong Fun from two different stall and it wasn’t good. Smoke from temple keep fly to our table and Uncle washing bowls with just water in a pail get us questioning the hygiene. The porridge was still passable with a taste of sweetness.




The Ruins of Cathedral of St. Paul

After the meal, we set off towards St Paul. If you can only take a photo in Macau, this is the place to be. It just feel like you never been to Macau if you never came here.


The Margaret’s Cafe Egg Tart

I saw a huge crowd from afar and I knew something delicious must be near and never did I expect to bang into Margaret’s Cafe on my way to Grand Lisboa. Lots of people queueing~~



DSCN0386 DSCN0383


Margaret’s Café e Nata ????? (Macau) 
Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Opening Hours: Daily 630am to 10pm (Closed on Wed)

200m away from Lisboa Casino

The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is one of the biggest casino that occupies 4-5 floors. There are diamond on display which people take photograph with but the diamonds aren’t any bright. No wow at all. Casinos in Macau are so likable in the sense that they give out food and drinks for example, yam balls, orange juice, hot milk, cold, coffee, bottle water(even if you don’t gamble). That’s what we did in Lisboa, eat them but never gamble. Not that we don’t want but its smokey and crowded there. I prefer to go back to Sands.

The Third Day

Early check out from hotel today and went straight for breakfast at another cafe in Taipa. Then it was souvenir time at Koi Kei Bakery. Koi Kei Bakery can be found anywhere.



And we are our way home