4D3N Chiang Mai 2013 – Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House


Introducing the place where I stayed throughout the entire trip in Chiang Mai – Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House

This place was not our first choice but because the trip was confirmed quite late and it was the peak season in Chiang Mai, most of the good hotel has been snatched up before we made our decision. But Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House is definitely not bad as well. They have quite a high score on Agoda.com as well.

Why we choose: 

Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House is located inside the moat which is recommended by the online community as a better location to stay at. It is near to both the Saturday and Sunday night market which we will be exploring.

Another important reason is the interior look of the hotel which attracted us.

Well in the hall

A well in the center of the lobby. Can’t stop our curiosity to poke our head in to see what is inside.

Hall with green cupboard

Very welcoming and cosy area which you will see when you enter the house. Prominent antique green cupboard.


Sitting area. Random mixed of furniture


More sitting area


Old bookshelf spotted. Some books for you to pick up


Our room was in the 2nd floor. Lucky we just need to climb the high step stairs once every time we are returning to our room.


We reached our room before another turn.

Look right. An extra bed


 Look left. Where we came from.


 This is written outside our room and you need to turn the wooden plate around if you require them to make your room. Currently it’s on the “do not disturb” sign. Anyway, the door is locked using a padlock. Ancient door. Very interesting for me.

And here comes the room!


Twin bed


Small TV which I am totally fine. Room just the right size for me. Come with small fridge. No locker but Chiang Mai people are generally ok even if you leave your things open. They don’t touch.


Nice chair beside the TV


Even TV table top has some antique feel.


Cupboard and long chair.


Basically, I will face this painting and fell asleep every night. Figuring if the man in the drawing is wearing a pants or is that tattoo. Don’t like the painting…


Leading to the washroom.


There is no bathtub but then I don’t need one also. Washroom is clear.

Our booking include daily breakfast too! Even if you are not a guest, you are welcome to have breakfast and dinner or even a bottle of beer. Food are good of course. I recommend it.


Look at where we can have our breakfast. The backyard, with the sunlight shining in.




Or another option is to dine understand the Sun. The more common one is to have breakfast in the lobby area which I show earlier.


Our yummy breakfast


My sunny side up eggs set


His omelette set.

The house also serve Thai cuisine like fried rice and porridge. We tried the fried rice the following day and good as well.


Open Concept kitchen


Toilet .

Another important factor for the choice of  Come Chiang Mai Lanna Boutique House is of course the price. All in all(including the breakfast), we paid around $50 per night. Totally awesome, totally worth it.

What is not:

And then, you also need to know the not so good thing about the house if I want to be picky and of course some of you reading may not be comfortable with.

Firstly, bedsheet, towel were a little over use. Some stain on it. My advise is to bring your own towel if you don’t like using the worn out towels.

Secondly, no locker to lock you passport and expensive stuff.

Thirdly, no hair dryer in the room. May be provided if you ask from lobby staff.


* Another tips is ask the counter staff about the place you going to and have them write it in Thai for you to give to the driver.

* Lots of day tour to pick up from. Sit down at the lobby and choose the one that most suit you. Have the staff book them for you with no extra charges.

If this is something you are looking for to stay when visiting Chiang Mai, you can go to Agoda.com straight away to book a room right now before the rooms are sold out!