A Highly anticipated Zoo Trip

Last Saturday me and J wanted to celebrate our 1st year together but was not very sure of where to go….

we decided on MacRitchie Reservoir but ended up that the whole night was raining so it was not very wise to go hiking.

I got a call from him at 10am for a change in plan. We will be going to the ZOO!

I like the Zoo, I don’t know why.  It make me laugh. It’s very bad to laugh at the animals there, but they are funny when you see their action :)

We had our breakfast opposite Katib MRT, Teh Tarik Restaurant. We had prata and teh to last us to dinner.

Following that, we were on our way to Mandai Rd. The weather was very nice. No sun No rain. Windy.

On arriving, the first thing that welcomed us was the Zoo’s new carpark, very spacious.

It was a Saturday, so it was really crowded. We bought tickets at $20 per pax.

When we got in, we were approached by the staff to help us take a photo. It was professional standard. I like it.

The exploration started with the tree trail walk and along the way to the 1230pm show, we saw White Tigers and etc. Then we went on to check on the different feeding time of the animals so at least we get to see the moving and eating and not lying on the grass sleeping. I would recommend everyone to follow the feeding time given by Singapore Zoological as it really added alot of fun to the trip.

In particular, the feeding of the Baboons, White Tigers, Lions, Otters, Chimpanzees were the more interesting one.

In order of the most interesting starting from the BABOONS

It is one of the main reason I am there at the zoo. To visit them. They are the largest occupant in the zoo with around 50-100 baboons there. It was like a baboon empire.

The first time we went pass them, they were acting very cool with only some of the young baboons chasing each other. When feeding time comes…..it was different.monkeys

We arrived at the Baboon empire at feeding time and what we saw were baboons all waiting very near to the fence. They were just a small drain away from us all nicely spread out waiting for their dessert. Zookeeper started throwing fruits to them, tourists are also welcome to purchase at $5 for a basket of bananas. you get to see all kinds of reaction of Baboons. We can say that they are able to do anything for that banana. They perform stances like standing on two hands , jumping high high to catch the bananas and etc. What was even more amusing is when zookeeper put his hand out to offer banana to one of the baboons, it reacted by walking nearer into the drain and even nod its head indicating that he wants the fruit. That baboon did the head nodding alot of times. After feeding time, we stayed to observe the baboons more and took some pictures. Alot of things going on in their empire, like mating, picking flea, fighting and even when 2 baboons is fighting, you can see another baboons coming in between them trying to stop the fight, very human. But J said they were very scary and very clever.


The next interesting one is the White tigers. Surprisingly, there is only white tiger in the Singapore Zoo. No other color available. There were only left with 2 white tiger and one was missing. During feeding time, the white tigers finally wake up waiting for dessert. They came down to the river that is separating them from the visitors. The zookeeper feed the tigers in a way that show us how a tiger consume its food in the water and also throwing the meat higher to let the tigers jump to catch its food. The jump was really fantastic and beautiful. Nice jump. For your information, tigers are able to jump very far, around 2-3m.

Follow that is the Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are very like the human, they are 98% genetically similar to human. The moment I enter the Chimpanzees enclosure, I can see one more adult Chimpanzees putting out its hand to the tourist who is eating. Simply amazing. They are so human. Shortly, feeding time arrive and like the Baboons, they are very clever but you can see that they respect the elderly Chimpanzees more, or maybe just scare of the bigger size ones?

Last of all the Otter, they like to curl together and are noisy near feeding time. They feed on small fish and can store their food at the side of the mouth while still catching for more fish. You can also see their hands full of fish. They are really cute. And CUTE. haha

Around 5pm, we catch the last animal show and then time to leave the Zoo.

We settled our dinner at Chong Pang Laksi Lemak near Katib Camp. That’s the best I had. Crispiest Chicken Wing, Fresh food equal nice food.

Satisfied Day!