Bangkok Trip : Search of Spa Massage

I am just back from Bangkok and already started my packed schedule life in Singapore. The trip to Bangkok was filled with MASSAGE!

Day 1 Massage : Chang Massage

Chang Foot Massage & Spa, Bangkok Airport

It was a random walk to this massage outlet at Siam Square at 11pm after all the tiring shopping around Siam Square. The outlet was packed at 11pm. And going by the “alot people equal good” theory, we decide to give it a try without much thinking. I chose the Oil Massage and my travel buddy did the oil-less Back and Shoulder massage. Cost was around 600Baht for 1hr and I enjoyed myself given that it is the first one I experienced.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Day 2 Massage: Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat is at the BTS Asoke Station. When you reach the station, take exit 4 which should be on your right. Look down from the station and there it is just down the stairs.

urban retreat spa (map bangkok)

Map from the website of Urban Retreat Spa

Urban Retreat is a very classy place. The exterior design is very well done, the type I like. It look like a restaurant from outside and has a nice menthol smell . I choose the Oil Massage again with not much choices besides the Thai Massage. Oil Body Massage comes with a pre-shower before the start of the massage. Their couple room have separate cubicle so those that went with friends need not worry much. The massage was good and I can see that my massager used all her might as the bed keep moving not like my partner calmness throughout. They also sell the oil and lotion that is use in the massage.

Verdict: 4/5

Day 3 Massage: Healthland @ Sathorn

Healthland seems to be the most popular among the 4 that I am going to introduce. They have the most outlets and each outlet are always packed with booking. The outlet is all in a big 3-4 storey bungalow. The moment I reached there, I am quite shocked by the number of cars in their parking lot and the counters are filled with people and can be quite noisy. What is even more unbelievable is that the service staffs uses microphones to call out for the next customer. But what we are looking for is actually a quiet place and not something too crowded to start with. The place is big and service was good. We had a room to ourselves. But I wasn’t very satisfied with the massage. No effect on my tired body. I ended up having to press myself after leaving.  Another thing that I am not happy is the staffs keep hinting you to tip them. Not very professional. I never tip them in the end.

Day 4 Massage: Ruen Nuad Massage Studio

We wanted to leave the best to the last day of our trip, so Ruen Nuad Massage is at the last. What we like about the place is its wooden, natural and relax feel that make it different from the rest of the massage. Getting to this place is a bit tricky. Therefore, we took the easy way that is to take the cab. But even with cab, we took quite awhile finding the place from convent rd. But once you see the hospital at your left and Naj restaurant on your right, just turn in to Naj restaurant and you will easily find the place.

Before turning into Rued Nuad, visible Naj restaurant

The Ruen Nuad from outside

Naj Restaurant with cooking class available

Once inside, choose the package you want and the staff will lead you to a locker to put your thing. Cameras and Handphones are not allow. We had a body scrub and leg massage. The body scrub was real goooooood. Every point pressed was the right one, unlocking all the knots. The strength used was also hard but not pain. Every massager were very skillful and at least a certain age with experience.


This was the room we had and you can see that area outside surrounded with wooden planks is where you will take your bath. Shampoo and shower foam are provided. That’s my first time bathing under the sun. Ruen Nuad also provide a drink counter where drinks can be purchase and also desktop for travelers to use. Very relaxing place. I have decided to come here for all my massage if I am back to Bangkok again.

Verdict: 5/5

Last but not least, I want to bring justice to the massage parlor that all 4 of them are good and worth the visit but what you need a little luck to have a real good massager. A gentle reminder to book them before you visit them so there is a slot for the day and there is no need to wait.