Bali – Astana Batubelig Villa

Stayed at Astana Batubelig Villa for my entire trip in Bali (which is 2 night). I found the Villa through browsing They have a wide selection of Villa making them an ideal place to book your stay. Astana Batubelig(as stated in Agoda) is located in the Seminyak area, 30mins from Airport and within walking distance to the Batubelig beach. There are a total of 16 rooms, all comes with a pool in each villa.

Some of the reasons why we book the villa is

1) It is near to the beach

2) Mart and famous eating area around the villa

3) Villa is not too big for two person and everything looks so new, clean and modern

4) Price is not too high, within our budget ($200)


Astana Batubelig Villa view from street

I read that we can reach villa in 30min from the airport but it turns out to be not possible due to the all day jam in the Kuta area. Bali traffic are quite bad. One of the worse. So maybe it’s time for some road building yay. We took approximately 1hour plus to reach the place and was chopped IDR$250K/$33SGd .

We were welcomed by the staff there and immediately started with the check-in procedures for example, verifying my credit card and collection of deposit of IDR$200k. They preferred credit card deposit and will make a refund in 2 weeks time which for me is quite long as compared to other hotels I have stayed. I opted for cash deposit where they will return to you when you checked out. Shortly, we were offered with Icy drinks, warm towel and some local fruits while selecting our breakfast for the next day.


On our way to our room

Next, the friendly staff ushered us into our room No. 116. He made an effort to explain the amenities provided in the room including the usage of locker, the cooking area, and mosquitoes repellent. Quite unexpected with the extra service provided to explain to us. Surprised with the professionalism since it is the first time a hotel did this to me.

welcome message

A welcome note from Astana Batubelig Management which I brought back to Singapore

eating area

Dinning and cooking area

Once entering the villa, we will reach the first area where we make and have our food there. Staff explain to us how to operate the stove and where are all the utensils and the microwave. Too bad we never have the time to do our own cooking here. Another sliding door separate the area with the Bedroom

astana bedroom

Sleeping Room

Bed was more than comfortable with two long sofa by the side. TV was directly in front of the bed, attached to the wall. Swimming pool is just 5 steps away separated from one glass door.

Further up, after the sleeping room, we will see the Bathroom where there lies a big bathtub, shower area. The Bathtub does not have warm water, such a waste.

big tub

And then, the Swimming Pool which can be access from the Bathroom or Bedroom


Pool is right outside the bedroom so we could actually jump straight into the pool immediately

Unexpectedly, the water level can reach to your chest and not what I thought to be till the knee cap.

sun tan chair

Breakfast are served in our room at our preferred time and choice.

day 2 breakfast

First breakfast at Bali, we had the Indonesian Cuisine. The main dish is Mee Goreng or Nasi Goreng accompanied with fruits, hot drinks and juice. I like what I have but portion is quite small.

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng (Friend Rice)

meegoreng breakfast

Mee Goreng (Stir fry noodles)

Mee Goreng in Bali are not like what we have in Singapore. Singapore’s mee goreng are mostly sold as a Indian Cuisine and always comes spicy. The ones we had in Bali are not spicy but you can add in yourselves with the chili provided beside.

French toast day 2

This is my 2nd day breakfast. Continental and American Style. Something to mention is that when delivered, the food are all wrap to make sure no dirt come in contact when delivering the food. Food are still warm when delivered.

american breakfast day 2 scramble egg

Main dish: Scrambled Egg

leg in water

Relaxing by the pool

polarid bali shot

Took some Polaroid as memories

Concluding the 2 night stay, there were some thing which you may want to note if you choose to stay here.

Firstly, you won’t be able to reach the villa within 30mins from airport. Most of the time we took an average of 1hr at least. You have to be prepared to spend alot of time on the road.

Secondly, the villa is no where near the beach by walking. I was told it is 200m away but no it is not. Walking on the road anywhere in Bali is dangerous with no path. So don’t try. Ask the driver to drive you there. Also, choose the beach you wanna go wisely. The one near to this villa is only good for surfing with big wave. We left 10mins after we reach the beach since we were not surfer.

On the good side, the room was exactly like the photos online, you get what you see. There wasn’t any mosquito problem. Not one bite. Better than the airport where I got a bite before leaving for Singapore. Money Changer, Mart, good eatery as well as cheap massage are just opposite the villa. Remember to have a meal at Naughty Nuri’s Warung  just opposite the villa. See my post on Naughty Nuri Warung

Overall, I have an excellent stay at Astana Batubelig Villa. Without this, my trip to Bali will not be as happy. The best choice I made for my Bali trip.

You can find my full Bali Itinerary

If interested, their address is below

Astana Batubelig Suite Villa

Jl. Batubelig Bo. 28 Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 4738336

Similarly, you can booked directly from which may offer a better rate.