Bali Itinerary Short 3D2N

I am back from Bali short weekend trip and good times really fly fast. I would like to share my itinerary so you guys can prevent or include in your own itinerary.

Day 1:

 plane to bali

We reached in the afternoon and without booking for hotel transfer, we were chopped by a random taxi driver. $250k to Batubelig which is near to Seminyak area. It usually takes 30mins without any traffic jam but we realized Bali has traffic jam all day round. So the travelling time was slightly more than 1hour. We check-in Astana Batubelig Villa at 4pm and can only arrange for a dinner for the rest of the day. Read the post on Astana Batubelig


astana bedroom


While waiting for hotel to prepare transport, we went to change our currency. Rates are the best in town of Bali. You can find them almost every street. My advise is change small amount enough for you to reach your hotel then go and find a nearby Currency Changer. It may not be the best rate in Bali but it is surely better than in Singapore and Bali Airport.

currency rates

Went next to Naughty Nuri Warung to fill abit of our stomach since it will be a more than 1hour drive later to Jimbaran Beach. Naughty Nuri Warung is just directly opposite the villa. We had their signature pork ribs priced at Rupiah $85K for 9 stabs. Won’t be able to find this price in Singapore. The meat is juicy and I can’t help but drop my utensils and use my hand and take big bites with each mouth. Worth it.

naughty nuri warung

porkribs naughty nuri

Went to Jimbaran Beach for the famous dinner by the beach. Many will have knew that the whole stretch of beach lies many seafood restaurant and if you are a little bit not on your alert mode, you will get chop. Although I already knew that and want to prevent myself from getting chop, we somehow can’t prevent it from happening. We were recommended by our villa to go to the Seaside Cafe which obviously the villa will benefit from some commission between themselves if they bring in customer. We never rejected the offer and went for it. Have live seafood and enjoy sunset while having dinner is a very new experience. Read more about Seaside Cafe at Jimbaran Beach.

veg and squid

mussel and fish

Jimbaran beach

Shopping at Seminyak Square after dinner. You can totally give this a miss. And I mean it. Nothing here. If you really interested then walk around the streets outside. Much more interesting. Bought nothing there.

Day 2:

Wake up quite early for breakfast which we have arranged the previous day for it to be delivered to us at 9am. We had Indonesian Cuisine for breakfast. A normal set include the main dish, Mee Goreng or Nasi Goreng to go with juice, fruits, hot drinks. The meal is satisfactory.

day 2 breakfast

The helpful villa staff also help us to book the water sports we requested. The water sport agency was found from the information brochure we took at the airport and these was the lowest point of all ($35 USD for 3 games). The agency provide pickup and drop off also which I think is super good la. I found out from counter staff that there is only water sports at Nusa Dua and they are even futher than the airport is from our Villa. Free transport is good. No need to worry about the cost of transport and getting trap in the jam and running late. When we reached there, the company name was obviously different from the one we saw on the brochure but they are able to give us the package we requested. So off we went for the games to get wet!


Locker is provider with a deposit. They also sell instant waterproof camera with photo taking service for you. Get change at the toilet and we are ready to follow the staff. We had Parasailing, Banana Boat and Flying Fish but there was no photo captured since my camera is not waterproof and I decided not to risk it with me.




Banana Boat

flying fish

Flying Fish for 2

flying fish 2

Anything can happen to the camera when it is with careless me. Just so you know what is all the games that I played. Remember to bring extra towel and clothing to change since there is locker. We did not bring them so we were wet walking around home.

Got ourselves lunch ($26k) at a cheap restaurant behind the water sport place. Was chopped another time when buying coconut from the roadside stall. It was $50k!!! If you notice, it is more than my lunch. Super refreshing la. I have to say so even if it wasn’t so. First time having such expensive coconut. May not even find in Singapore.



fried rice

mee goreng nusa dua

Decide to go to Tanah Lot straight halfway back to Villa since the driver lost his way and took more than the time needed to travel back. We gave him $100k extra to bring us there. Read the post on Tanah Lot

sunset tanah lot

Wanted to go to famous Potato Head after Tanah Lot but we were too scare with the traffic at Bali so we decided to give it a miss. We then went loitering around near to villa and got ourselves massage for $50k only. Then we went to Naughty Nuri Warung again to have dinner. Very crowded and good atmosphere restaurant, staffs were very attentive and service was fast. We had Pork Chop which was interestingly more expensive than Pork Ribs. Also ordered chicken chop, potato wedges and garden salad. Actually the must order here is really just the ribs but you can try others also. Regretted not ordering another set.

Day 3:

Had American Breakfast today. The serving was obviously more. I had scrambled egg with toast together with cerel, danish, yogurt, fruits, tea, juice. J had French toast, croissant with cereal, yogurt, fruits, tea and juice. Can’t finish them all. Not all item was good but appreciated. Planned to go for another round of massage but in the end we stayed in the villa for swim and to lie around.

French toast day 2

american breakfast day 2 scramble egg

Check out and requested for meter taxi. For your information, meter taxi is available for all bluebird group taxi. The taxi can be recognize with a crane and whole taxis in blue. Without any jam on a Sunday morning got us to the airport with just $70k. So much different from when we arrived. Seem like we returned home with something learned.

airport restaurant bali

Had our lunch at the airport. This restaurant is just beside Burger King. I never note down the restaurant’s name. Lightning indoor was dark.

dirty duck

 Ordered Crispy Dirty Duck (Bebek Bengil) here since we did not visit the famous one at Ubud. I feel this was good enough. Very crispy and meat was meant to be drier but crispier. The dish was accompanied with some chili kang kong. Shiok! Some short event before our dish came, the table beside ordered the same dish and found hair in the Kang Kong and requested to change. The first waitress after hearing walk away like nothing happened and went to hide behind the counter to do her own thing. The next one came and brought the plate back to the kitchen. And you can imagine what they did in the kitchen. Pull out the hair and return the same dish back while the customer was asking for a change. I just pray they don’t serve them a new one and give us that plate with the hair.

mee soto bali

Soto Ayam. Not a nice dish. Don’t order it in this restaurant again. Can’t even finish the bowl. The noodles is Bee Hoon and not the yellow noodles we had in Singapore. Soup was tasteless. Too much soup while other things are like so deep inside the bowl.

mango juice ice tea

Ice lemon Tea and Mango Juice. Mango Juice also not sweet. Overall, I don’t like the juice I had in Bali

Overall for Bali, it was a trip I thought it would be better. I never expect the road to be so inconvenient and cannot be reach by walking. Going anywhere needs a driver. Nothing to shop for me too. I would go back again only if roads and transportation improve. I would prefer to go back to Krabi or other beaches. Bali is not really a totally beach area.