Bangkok Trip: Somtam @ Siam Square Soi 5

We landed at this restaurant before starting our shopping at Siam Square. Aware of the rave about this restaurant, we join in the queue outside. Straight after, we went on to order our food and ask how long we have to wait. The waiter who took our order told us to wait for 15mins. It turned out that there was no need for such long wait. The restaurant has a total of 2 storey and our table was at the first floor.

Food were cheap but serving was small all over Thailand. It is no wonder the people there are so thin despite all dish with LARD added.

The serving was very fast and we started eating without us knowing.

First up was their famous Fried Chicken Wing

The dish came warm like left for quite sometime. Abit salty for me but passable.

Papaya salad with salted egg. The salted egg enhanced the taste and reduce the spiciness. Not bad. But I don’t understand papaya salad.

Rice noodle papaya salad

Another Papaya Salad dish which I thought it will be some fried noodles. Very spicy!! See the ring crispy tidbits-look-alike thing? It is pork lard. Very amazing that pork lard can be eaten like tidbits. That is what is inside every Thai Dishes that are delicious. I think they are high standard pork lard cause there isn’t any smelly pork taste which I dislike.

Should be the best of the few dishes we ordered. These are meat from the cheeks. Very chewy and no smelly pork taste.

At the side of the restaurant, there is a dessert counter where you can order cakes from there. As we are too full, we only ordered 1 cake to share. It is a Chocolate Mousse Cake with Orea biscuit as base.

After our meal, we walk around the restaurant and spotted the toilet on the 2nd floor. Very unique toilet. It was open concept. Sitting on the toilet bowl, you will face a full mirror and the back is a window with plants filled area outside. Quite interesting.

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