BFF 2015 Travel to Korea – 9D8N Itinerary


Finally had a chance to go on a tour in April with some of my best friend in my life. We had never went for a tour together and had planned this for many years. As we aged, we are often too busy to gather together. Furthermore we are in different countries and have different commitment. Everyone of us treasured the opportunity to tour together. With much arrangement, we are off to Korea in spring and the most anticipated event was cherry blossom viewing.

Basically, we only visited Seoul and Jeju with a total of 9 Days

Day 1:

- Reached Incheon Int’l Airport in the afternoon

- Dinner in Myeongdong: Galbi Octopus and Pork

Day 2:

- Brunch: Tosokchon (Ginseng Chicken)

- Visit to Gyeongbukgung Palace

- Bukchon Hanok Village

- Insadong

- Dinner: Bongchu Jjimdak (Spicy Soy Chicken)

- Cafe: Traditional Tea

Day 3:

- Brunch: Chuncheon Chicken

- Ewha University Street shopping

- Hongdae Shopping

- Style Nanda

-Gwangjang Market visit and dinner

Day 4

- Fly to Jeju (How to book?)

- O Sulloc Green Tea Plantation and Muesum

- BBQ Black Pork (Even PM Lee H.L went)

- Mysterious Road

- Simple dinner near hotel

Day 5

- Abalone Breakfast

-Sangumburi Crater

- Folk Village (How we got cheated!)

- Seopjikoji Trail (All in Drama Church)

-  Lunch: Seafood Pot

- Sunrise Peak

- Dinner: Super spicy Deep Fried Chicken near hotel

Day 6

Fly back to Seoul

- Duty Free Mall Shopping

- N.Seoul Tower

- Kyochon Take Away

Day 7

- Brunch: had repeated octopus galbi again

- Myeongdong shopping

- Teabreak: O Sulloc

- Garosu Gil  Shopping

- Dinner: Army Stew @ Dongdaemung

- Night Shopping!

Day 8

- Brunch @ Myeongdong Onedang Pork and Potato soup (super yummy)

- Continue shopping day at Duty Free Shop

- Dinner near Air B&B Apartment

Day 9

- Fly back to Singapore

- How to do tax refund

Will be back with more details of the trip. Look out for it.