Guide to Explore the Kranji Heritage Farms in Singapore

The Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) introduced the concept of “Agritainment” into the Kranji countryside and many farms have since open up to public for touring so as to encourage Singaporean and visitors to return to nature. J and I planned a one day trip to some of the farms and it was really fun. We want to introduce it to more people. Here I have outlined a guide to help people who is interested to go for a one day dating trip or family trip.

Things to have/prepare before the trip:

1) Water Bottle

Due to the sunny weather in Singapore, water bottle is necessary to ensure that you are fully hydrated. There are no nearby minimarts selling drinking water but farms do sell them if you happened to finished the one you bought.

2) Kranji Heritage Maps

Maps like the one below are produced by KCA and association to prepare you to better travel around the Kranji Farms. Make sure to get your hands on one of these map and highlight where you are going. You can find the map for for the heritage trail and farms from KCA websites.

3) Own Transport (Cars/Motorbike) or Express Buses

The Heritage Trail is only accessible with transportation as each farm and attraction is located widely apart. I would recommend to have your own transport as most farms and attractions have free parking area and the interval of Express buses provided by KCA is as long as 1hr15mins. Lets say you don’t have your own transport, you may want to get a time schedule of the express bus.

4) Umbrella

In case it is raining or to block the sun if you are sensitive to weather.

5) Camera

Of cause, a camera is a must to take down all the memorial moments.

With all set, we are ready to go for the trail:

1) Hay Diaries

No. 3 Lim Chu Kang, Agrotech Park Lane 4, Singapore 718859

Tel: (65) 6792 0931

Start the trail in the morning with a visit to Hay Diaries. Hay Diaries is a goat farm focusing on producing goat milk and selling it to the public. Early birds will get to view the milking of goats available from 9am-11am. So if you miss the timing, you won’t be able to view it in the later day. You may instead view the goat only due to AVA regulation that visitors are not allowed to touch/feed the goats. After the walk around the farm, stop by at the entrance for some time to purchase the fresh goat milk. I would recommend buying some for those who never experience goat milk before and for health purpose. It is said that goat milk are highly nutritious and most importantly it is suitable for those with lactose intolerance. It comes in two flavours, original and chocolate. A bottle of 200ml cost $2 and 800ml cost $7. Further to that, they will pack for you in ice box with least purchase of 5bottles. The ice box is tested to be able to freeze the milk for a full day.

Chocolate Milk from Hay Diaries

Packed of 5 bottles of goat milk in ice box


71 Jln Lekar Singapore 698950
Tel: (65) 6766 7087     
Next up, head over to Qian Hu for its wide variety of fishes. When I say wide, it is really alot of fishes. An eye opening to see so many fishes in different species and colourful colours. They also provide an area for fish spa and prawning for a price. I see parents bringing their kids to select the fishes they like and the staff will air pack the fishes for you to bring home. Kids are so excited over Nemo look-alike and adults may be more interested in the Arowana Fish which is a Feng Shui fish that may cost as much as $8000 plus. Over at Qian Hu, there is also a small cafe for visitors to rest and have a bite and also a mini store selling equipment for your pet. Even if you have no intention to buy any fish, Qian Hu is still an eye opener for many.

Fish Spa Therapy in big pond

Qian Hu Cafe


100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026
Tel: 6898 5001

Bollywood Veggies

Nearing noon, when its time for some food, head down to Bollywood Veggies for some healthy eating. Bollywood Veggie has self grown vegetable and is famous for its banana cake. There is also a restaurant where people can have their lunch. Most of the veggie dishes are self grown veggie. This place is very relaxing and I highly recommend it. After the meal, sit back and relax or choose to walk around the garden and play some net ball. Spend some time taking photo and immerse in nature. Below pictures are some of the dishes I tired. Other than Bollywood Veggie, there are some other farms which may also be a good place for dinning. Feel free to do the exploring yourself and recommend it to me.

Veggie with garlic

Crispy Veggie

Farmart Centre is another place that I went. It is make up of small shops like Pet Shops, Fish Store, Stores selling eggs and animal related stores. They also have a small area with little pets with feeding available and place for prawning. There is also a big area where they sell hawker food. You may want to just visit or give it miss. For myself, I find it not so interesting and may not want to go back again. For first timer, it is still good to take a look around since you are already near.

5) Kranji War Memorial

Along the Kranji Heritage Trail, the Kranji War Memorial is included as one of the attraction. It is very near to Kranji MRT station. Once there, please adhere to the quietness of the place. It is also a good educational trip to allow yourself to know more about Singapore’s history. The place is well maintained and kept in order by around 5 Foreign Workers. Fields are so pretty you want to sleep there. Just look at those photos and you know you won’t regret visiting the place.

For a day trip, that’s all I can cover. Of course there are other places that are also interesting like the Frog Farm and Koi Farm which I will put it to the next visit. The important part is get yourself involve in the activities and enjoy your trip.