Krabi – The Beautiful Beaches


krabi mountain view opposite hotel


A few months back I went to Krabi and I can’t resist myself from sharing all the beautiful photos of the beaches. I still remember us commenting that we may not want to come back again since we want to visit other places, but looking at the photos now I really feel like it is pulling me back.

Memories and detailed information have fade. Just enjoy the photos

street view krabi

Street view near our hotel. Just walk straight to the beach

street view 2

Beautiful mountain view

van for tourist inside van

The vans from the tour agency. The van will go to all the hotel to pick the tourist up before heading for the beach.

It is Squeezing Squeezing everytime it stop.

beach view cloudy krabi

Fast speeding boat to our destination

bamboo island

Arriving at Bamboo Island. See the clean blue water

bamboo island 2

I like this beach the most out of all the rest of the beaches. With the clear blue water, the sand and wider beach that even out the crowd.

beach at bamboo islandbamboo island beachbamboo island 3

Just felt like we are in the movie.


In the shadowed area. Make sure you wear your foot wear as there are tiny durians on the floor.

birdnest island

Krabi is surrounded by alot of tiny islands and this particular island has people staying in the cave. There are bird nest in there, so they are the worker there.

motor boat

Another type of boat. A poorer version. This boat can be really dangerous when there is bad weather and big wave. I encountered it on the 2nd day. Smiling lady opposite my seat vomited but still smiling. Thumbs up for her.

krabi clear water

Snorkeling area 1

red hill island

Another snorkeling near the island that is special for its red colour. The whole boat of tourist was so unlucky to have close encounter with the jelly fish. Few of them were stung by the pool of jelly fish. Snorkeling was cut short.

sampan sampan 2

Our wooden motor boat I was talking about.

mountain krabi

Entering into a small area beach with great mountainous view. Super ultra clear water here. There is a cave here which I only know when we leave the island. Halfway stopped by the navy police raiding boats, checking license.

nice beach

Low tide sea allow people to sit in the water enjoying the view.

lovely couple

Loving couple from out boat. Nice picture.

crowded beach

Another side of the beach is so crowded


What was memorable was the Hong Island tour by Kayaking. Another of my first time. Without any skill, I was kayaking out in the big sea, around this big rock you see in the photo above. Hard to believe it even till now. Furthermore, it was raining big while we were returning back. Forgot to mention that Hong Island was really fantastic. There is an area/pool where the big rocks/mountain surrounding it. During low tide, the water dries out and even at high tide, you will be able to get down and walk in the water around the circular area. I love kayaking out in the sea and not in the reservoir in Singapore.

j washing hand

Ending with a nice view of J. lol