5 Must Eat in Macau

Macau top 5 food


…….(drum roll) here comes the 5 die die must eat in MACAU.  List not in sequence.

1) Pork Chop Bun

First in the list is of course the pork chop bun. You can find it almost everywhere. Each store has its own proud recipe of Pork Chop Bun. Not like the normal burger, the pork chop bun is always seen with bone still attached to the meat. The bread use is a smaller size bagette. The bread the meat to my liking. The more famous one would be Tai Lei Loi Kei Cafe.

The store isn’t suitable for dine in and many are seen having it around the park near the store. Quite run down place also. This does not dampen my interest to have the pork chop bun. Unforgettable.

We also find that the pork in Macau seem better, even the pork chop rice was good. So you may want to try anything with pork chop on its menu. : )



2) Portuguese Egg Tart

And how can we forget the Portuguese Egg Tart. This seem more popular than the Pork Chop Bun and we really see it everywhere. I am not a egg tart lover so I am not sure about the craze, but we are in Macau and so we have to try it.

What I had was the famous  Margaret’s Cafe Egg Tart when i happened to pass by it. It has a more buttery taste than the usual type and it was still piping hot. Besides Margaret’s Cafe, I have in mind two other also famous store for Portuguese Egg Tart. One is Lord Stow’s and the other is Tea Plus which becomes famous due to its appearance in the Korean drama series Boys over Flowers. Never tried the other two so I can’t comment on anything but I can assured that the Egg Tart from Margaret’s is good enough.




3) Pastelaria Fong Kei

This is a souvenir shop and why it is a must eat? It’s because the bakery is around since 1906. Get the Wife’s biscuit, Ji Zai Biscuit and Meat Slice Biscuit (Direct Translate). It is not expensive if you look at the shop opposite.


4) Wanton Mee

This dish is my own preference and there is no specific restaurant that I personally eat. Most of the stalls are already good for me as compared to the usual Wanton Mee we have in Singapore. Every wanton there has a whole prawn inside with meat unlike Singapore. The noodles are springy and soup are just nice. It is good unlike its appearance.

Each wanton have 1-2 prawn~~~

5) Ko Kei Bakery

This shop is everywhere in Macau. It even appear two to three times on the same stretch of street. They are not stingy on their samples, everything can try before u buy. I love their food, those that I have tried. For example, Egg Roll, Seaweed Roll, etc. But their price are really high.

Ko Kei