Experiencing SAFRA Toa Payoh

SAFRA Toa Payoh is the most recent renovated building of the 5 Safra in Singapore. I am very excited in experiencing the facilities within SAFRA Toa Payoh. With SAFRA issuing membership to our NS Men and Reservist, it is no wonder people are starting to experience what SAFRA has to offer. I am one of those people.

After J got his membership, he was so eager so he asked me to accompany him for a swim.



The place was very vibrant on a Saturday and cars were driving in like workers forming a production line. Families can be seem around the club enjoying their family day. The hall was spacious with a big screen showing movies throughout the day. Seats were provided so people can enjoy the movie in comfort. It was showing Cinderella when I was there that day. Lovely movie, my childhood ah!

After a short walk, we reached the swimming pool. Do you know that SAFRA members get to use the pool free? And, allow to sign in 3 guests but they need to pay a fee of course. See below for more info.

 things to note


Pay for your ticket here.


Put in your member card and you can enter


They also have big lockers for you to store your belongings. After getting change, we are off to the poolfish tank 1

Lots of greenery on the way to the pool

tank 3

See the big fish tank! What”s that? It’s a fish? NO! its human. lolx

tank 2

Anyway, visitors can see the swimmers swimming in the adult pool right from the car park. You actually can catch a view of the pool at almost any area in Safra

middle pool

There are 3 pools there, the middle pool at the front of the picture and the children pool at the back. Children pool was quite fun, with water guns available for the children. I can just see the children play as I am over that age already.

adult pool

The adult pool. The deepest of this pool is at 1.8m.


Another view of the pools from SAFRA hall.

Another thing I would like to highlight about how good it was to choose to swim in SAFRA is what I saw below!

shower head

Strong shower head in the bath cubical

hot water

Comes with a choice of hot or cold water. No need to bear with the cold water anymore

shower foam

And shower foam dispenser.

I have not been swimming for 4-5years so I am not aware if there are any changes to the public pool facilities but what I saw in SAFRA was enough to satisfied me.

SAFRA also has restaurants located inside the building. Since we were hungry from the swim, we went to Aston for our late lunch.



Large menu before you enter the restaurant.


Aston is offering Root Beer Float so take note for those A&W’s fan

Needed some carbo for myself so I order Spicy Chicken Spaghetti


It came with the soup of the day – Cream of Mushroom, and a garlic bread

soup of the day

J had this Pepper Chicken Burger too for his 2nd lunch in a day


We had a satisfied meal and I would like to remind you that members who dine in SAFRA are able to use the member card for discounts. Don’t forget!

Besides what I have experience, I understand SAFRA also have other activities going on. For example Classes, Sports, Dinning, Events. Do check it out yourself.